Bible study is an important part of Christian life, and finding time to study the Holy Scriptures regularly can help people develop a stronger faith. Families that prioritize Bible study often find it easier to maintain solid Christian values in their daily lives and adhere to righteous moral principles. Here are four ideas that can help encourage Christian families to study the Scriptures more often with their families.

Set Schedules

Family members will be likelier to take time out of their days to devote to Bible study if set study times are established. Scheduling definite times to get together to read certain parts of the Scriptures can help everyone stay motivated to keep up with their studies. Ideal times for studying may be before or after dinner or as soon as the kids come home from school. Weekends are also good times to schedule Bible study meetings.

Make Studying Easily Accessible

Modern technology has made studying the Scriptures much easier, and families can utilize online resources that can help encourage more regular studying. Families can enroll in an online Bible study course and learn sections together that are divided into simple, organized lessons. Watching videos online that cover certain Bible topics can also make studying the Scriptures more exciting and engaging. Of course, online courses often give certifications that only one member of the family will be able to claim, but the parents can easily share what they learn in online courses with their family in weekly family meetings.

Invite Friends

Inviting family friends to attend some of the Bible study lessons can make the sessions feel more like fun social gatherings, and this may help family members stay more engaged. Children can invite some of their Christian friends from school to study with the family some of the time. Food and beverages can be served when friends are over to make the sessions feel even more like fun social gatherings. Of course, not every child is going to be over-enthusiastic about inviting their friends over for a study session, but it can be made more fun and engaging if you include popular Christian movies that are both fun and insightful, then discuss the themes in the movies afterward.

Make a Game of It

Turning some of the study sessions into games can encourage family members of different ages to want to get involved. Bible trivia questions can be written and asked to test each person’s knowledge in a fun way. There are even Christian-themed classic board games that can help generate more excitement for Bible study. Another idea is to use basketballs, frisbees, or other sports equipment to turn Bible study into a friendly athletic competition where families can set their own rules for playing.

Getting together as a family to learn more about the Scriptures can help everyone gain more knowledge of the Lord’s word while developing closer bonds with one another. Bible study shouldn’t have to involve a one-size-fits-all approach, and finding creative ways to keep family members motivated in their Scripture learning can make a big difference.