Your kids might hate it when you keep telling them the things they can and can’t do. They feel dumb because of constant reminders. However, you know that these reminders are crucial, and you don’t want your children to be misguided. Even if you want to do what’s right, you also hate the constant bickering. These tips will help you avoid facing these problems.

Let them understand the reasons  

It’s easier for your kids to follow your rules if they understand the reasons behind them. Make them realize that the rules are going to help in the long run. You should also create reasonable rules that are easy to follow. Avoid making them simply to punish your child.

Allow your children to join the process 

It also helps if you let your kids take part in the process. Make them come up with the rules with you. When they take ownership of these rules, it’s easier for them to follow. You don’t need to keep fighting with them because you can always remind them that the rules aren’t yours.

Say them calmly  

Sometimes, there are reasonable house rules that your kids don’t want to follow. It’s not that they dislike the rules, but they hate how you say the words. Therefore, you need to stay calm. Explain these rules in a way that will make your kids feel delighted to follow them.

Remove unreasonable rules 

It’s understandable if you ground your kids for doing terrible things. However, you can’t make them stay home forever. They will hate you for depriving them of the opportunity to interact with others. You can ask them which rules they think are too difficult for them and negotiate something better.

Don’t add fuel to the fire 

Remind your children about the rules at home once things start to calm down. Don’t make them feel regret when they already have strong emotions. Once everything settles down, you can have a serious conversation. At this point, you will avoid unnecessary screams and tears. Both of you will be in the right state of mind to have an honest and open conversation.

Don’t argue 

Regardless of what your child tells you when feeling emotional, you need to keep quiet. You don’t know what’s going on in your child’s mind at that point. Besides, even if you argue and your arguments are right, your child won’t listen to you. It’s a futile effort to try and make your child realize things at that point.

You need to extend your patience as a parent. You can’t allow your anger to stop you from doing the right thing. You also don’t want to go too easy on your child since it could lead to an assumption that the rules aren’t strict. For instance, if you set a time limit on how long your child can use their phone, it needs to stay that way. You know that phone addiction can be a bad thing. You can consider the use of EMF protection devices like the ones at so that your child stays protected while browsing the device.

In doing these things, you can have a more reasonable conversation in regard to the rules.