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Life and Experiences. This blog is all about our lives’ aspects seen from varied angles. We know what a life is but do not try to understand how it is to live. From our hackneyed lifestyle, let’s take out some time to sit down, relax and introspect “Is my life the way I have thought of?”

The blog serving a platform will talk about all the aspects associated with life, love, relationship, recreation, fun, annoyance, sex, personal finance, and experiences of all of them. We will look into all the individual concerns these aspects can have. Your participation in the discussion by means of your comments or your guest articles will just enhance the essence of it. We understand everyone has different views and different experiences of life; so, let’s share them. Let’s be vocal and argumentative of things we do, feel and know.

Kalyan and Munmun have initiated this process of bringing every angles of our lives via this blog. We do it from our own experiences and experiments. Our views may not necessarily match with others and that’s the motto of this blog. We let you know how a life is from varied points of varied people. We admit we are no expert, but, we’ve tried to put light on something that we pay less heed to. “Life is beautiful; let’s live it” is the objective of this blog. We’d seek your opinions, your experiences and your knowledge to make this discussion a success.

We, Kalyan & Munmun, popularly known as KLMN, are a married couple from a small town of Assam, (a north-eastern state of India). We conceptualised this blog with a view to collating and sharing our and your experiences of life and its various aspects. Do feel free to contact us for any reason. We’d love to see you here.

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Kalyan & Munmun!