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Thank you very much to advertise on this blog.

The site is about different aspects closely or remotely related to our lives and our activities. Right from traveling stories to health tips, from strong relationship suggestions to personality development, from business ideas to latest technology – this site tries to cover everything that matters to our busy hackneyed lives.

If any of your products or services need an exposure or branding, this site can be an ideal place. Please have a look at the below stats which can help you bid for your ad campaigns.

Reader base

  • Primary readers : People of all ages.
  • Reach : Global. (we have a very good reader base in the USA, UK & in Canada apart from those from India, Germany and many other countries.)

Blog stats

  • Alexa ranking : 55,090
  • Daily visitors : 1,000 (on average)
  • Domain authority : 39
  • Page authority : 51

Note: The above stats are as of Aug 04, 2021.

Advertising options:

  • Header Banner : 468 x 60 – at the top of the content. (viewable on all single pages) [Available – 1/1]
  • Wide skyscraper : 160 x 600  – on right sidebar (viewable on all pages) [Available – 1/1]
  • Small square : 125 x 125 – at right sidebar (viewable on all pages) [Available – 4/4]

Sponsored review

If you want your product or services reviewed on this blog, we’d be happy to do so, provided that product or services relate to the core theme of the blog.

Featured post

If you wish to make a sponsored post on this blog and want it to keep it as featured for no less than a year, we’d be happy to accept such an offer & we will place it to your requirement.


If you have any other ad options in your mind, you can pitch it to us and we will look into the possibility to meeting your requirements.

Please shoot a e-mail at info[@]klmnweb[.]com for your ad campaigns, rates, and/or questions about advertisement. We’d be very happy to assist you and help you grow your business.

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