How To Keep Your Student-Athlete in Top Shape

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If you have a student-athlete at home, you know how important your child’s health is. It is important for student-athletes, both youth, and teenagers, to be in good shape for a variety of reasons. For example, you want your student-athlete to excel in their sport, therefore, health is critical. Additionally, as a student-athlete, school is just as, if not more important, than sports. It is important for your child to be in their best shape so that they can excel in school. There are many ways for parents to ensure that their student-athlete is in their peak shape.3> As a growing child, it is important for student-athletes to properly fuel their bodies. Moreover, proper nutrition is the key to success in sports. Be sure to give your student-athlete the recommended servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. Additionally, be sure that your student-athlete receives their daily servings of these food groups before practices and competitions. Proper nutrition will ensure they have the energy they need to compete. A fun way to ensure that your student-athlete receives its necessary minerals and vitamins each day is to make cooking a family activity. Teaching your student-athlete about nutrition is a lifelong skill that will serve them well as they continue to play their sport. If your student-athlete does not like a certain type of vegetable, try brainstorming fun and nutritious meal with them. Including them in the process helps them to take ownership of their nutrition and fueling their body. Giving your student-athlete proper nutrition is key for their success.

Drink Water

Hydration is key for strong athlete performance. While many student-athletes tend to favor sports drink electrolyte beverages, these are not a replacement for water. Water should be the primary beverage your student-athlete drinks. Proper hydration can prevent headaches, dehydration, muscle cramps, and fatigue. Sports drinks do a great job of replacing electrolytes, but they tend to have a lot of sugar and do a poor job ensuring the athlete is properly hydrated. If your student-athlete wants sports drinks, it is ok in moderation. Try to keep them to a minimum, or purchase zero sugar sports drinks. Be sure that your student-athlete begins hydrating two to three days in advance of any big competitions.

Supplemental Nutrition Options

If you struggle to ensure that your student-athlete receives their necessary nutrition due to medical concerns or simply being a picky eater, there are options for student-athletes. Be sure to thoroughly research supplemental nutrition before introducing it to your child. One popular supplement is 100 percent whey protein isolate. Whey protein is a great way to give your student-athlete the nutrients they need. Furthermore, it is recommended that student-athletes take a multivitamin with a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals. There are many protein options available for athletes, such as Cellucor.

Encourage and Support Your Student-Athlete

No matter what happens in the competition, it is important to support your student-athlete. It is easy for parents to become too wrapped up in wins and losses. It is critical for parents to keep in mind their student athlete’s mental health. Let your child be young and enjoy their sport, no matter the outcome. Be sure to support your student-athlete and their team through each win and loss. Additionally, help your student-athlete reach success by encouraging them to have a routine. Sit down with your child and help them create a routine that allows them to have proper nutrition, sleep, hydration, and exercise while ensuring they have time for school and other activities.
athlete and help them find a plan that works best for the needs of their specific sport. No matter what works best for your child, it is important to ensure that your student-athlete is in top shape for their competitions. Sports are something that people can do their whole lives, so it is critical that your student-athlete beings their journey into sports in the best shape.