The bride is usually considered as a planner. They actively select color schemes, decipher guest lists, do calculations, and scheme for weeks to accomplish the perfect ceremony and party that their guest will never forget. Most of the time, they succeed; however, in almost every case, there are details the bride wishes she had done differently. To help you avoid the same regrets experienced by your predecessors, here are some tips to help you identify the areas some of them missed.

Consider Giving the Photographer More Direction and Hire a Videographer

You should prepare a shot list for your photographer to make sure all the photos are to your liking. To prevent the photographer from taking pictures from far and you wanted close-ups. You should keep in mind that a photographer will not know your taste if he is not told. It would be best if you also kept in mind that lighting and setting play a role. So the planning of your shots should be in respect of your venue. It is recommended to select the best photographer to get great results. Most suggest wedding photographers in Los Angeles.


It would be best if you considered hiring a videographer to revisit your wedding day at your leisure. It is a common regret for brides not being able to replay their red-letter day. Hiring a videographer will make you ready to hit play on the happy moments, pause the memories, and rewind the happiness. It will be money well spent, and it is usually cheap and won’t break the bank. However, you’re advised to seek professionals who provide highlighted video packages typically 10 to 5 min long and tell the whole story.

Book Your Venue First

People usually think getting a site is easy because they live in the city, but this is not the case. It would be best if you searched for a venue even before your dress. Getting a place first will make everything easier for you. Making it a priority will help you avoid rescheduling and also stress on your side, finding the place you liked booked on your D-Day. Last-minute venue selection should be avoided for effective planning because wedding planning is like a domino effect; each choice affects the rest.


Always do your research before selecting a vendor. Checking references beforehand is a sure way to get the right vendor. However, a significant move would be to seek referrals from married friends who could explain their reputation in detail. This will help you save time by not searching for replacements. The right vendor will also make your wedding more appealing and memorable.

Field Your Calls, Be Assertive and Reapply Lipstick

Fielding calls is a critical aspect to put in play. As the bride answering calls will be impossible and also stressful. It is recommended to select a member of your family or the wedding party to designate your requests. Fielding calls are essential because apart from good wishes, many issues arise during your special day, the designation of calls will keep you relaxed knowing someone is looking over them on your behalf.

Many brides have experienced that some venues have planners. You would think this would make it easier, but at times it becomes an issue. Just in case pose some what-if scenarios with the individual on duty, to ensure you covered all areas such as future renovations if they coincide with the agreeable day. This makes sure the planner does everything to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Many brides hardly remember to reapply lipstick, which always lives their lips looking unglossed. This is usually common to see brides forget they often regret when they view the video to see themselves with bare lips, shiny foreheads, and smeared mascara. It is encouraged to give your maid of honor your small makeup bag that contains all the essentials. She should remind you to retouch after the ceremony and during the reception, leaving you looking great throughout your big day. This will make you look at your videos with a smile.


Wedding days are usually the day of the bride; keeping them perfect should be a priority. Following these hacks will make you regret less about your day except the happiness it brought you.