From avid enthusiasts to die-hard collectors, seeking out vintage game-related items is often a very rewarding undertaking. Whether it’s discovering rare software, picking up the next classic consoles to add to your collection or tracking down other bits and pieces of video game memorabilia, it pays to know where to look. Seeking out and discovering rare or vintage items can be a great way to take your passion to a whole new level.

Classic Consoles and Vintage Machines

While casual players may be able to make due with an emulator, serious gamers know that there is no substitute for the real thing. While investing in vintage hardware or tracking down rare and hard-to-find titles may require a little extra time and expense, dedicated efforts are often a small price to pay. Serious hobbyists won’t ever want to pass up on the chance to play classic games on the original hardware. Vintage gaming machines are so nostalgic, and many players play them just for that very reason. There is always a way to enjoy vintage games with friends and family members.

A Video Game Soundtrack on Vinyl

Audio components, soundtracks, and even classic video game sound effects have all make quite an impact on gamer culture. Sourcing a video game soundtrack on vinyl can allow you to listen to your favorite video game composers, artists, and tracks in a whole new way. From your PC sound setup to your home’s entertainment center, getting the most audio enjoyment from the games you love can be immensely satisfying. Video game soundtracks have come a long way, so being able to listen to them on various kinds of media is greatly satisfying for any hardcore gamer out there.

Arcade Cabinets

When it comes to playing the classics, there is no better way to go old school than with a standup arcade cabinet. From vintage machines to modern replicas, the right cabinet can be the crowning jewel of any video game collection. There are also plenty of cabinet options powered by single-board PC systems, and the ability to play from an expanded range of titles and games ensures that gaming on an arcade cabinet never gets old. Original arcade cabinets are the way to go, they call back to a day when you could only play video games in an arcade. So much time has passed since then.

Merchandise and Other Collectables

When it comes to building the best collection, hardware alone may not be enough. Posters, back issues of gaming magazines and other collectables all make great additions to any gaming collection. Classic merchandise and other rare collectables make great conversation pieces for those who are serious about video game culture.

It’s not hard to get hooked on the thrill of tracking down and sourcing vintage items and rare collectables. Whether you are just getting into collecting or have been at it for years, curating a growing collection of classic games, vintage hardware and other video game memorabilia can be a very exciting hobby. For serious gamers, learning where to discover rare items is never a concern to be taken lightly.