Universities in the UAE and Israel have signed an MOA to collaborate in different fields. This is a unique agreement and the only one to be signed between higher education institutions from both countries after they agreed on a ‘peace pact.’ The UAE’s Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science signed this agreement. The Emirati University will team up with the Israeli University on Artificial Intelligence research. They will also launch a joint online institute for AI.

UAE Ties with Israel may Boost AI


Did you know that the UAE is the only country with an Artificial Intelligence Minister and a University? The UAE lifting the economic boycott on Jerusalem has opened many potential opportunities for the two countries.

Collaboration between the two institutions of higher education will aim to enhance the use and development of AI as a vehicle for intelligence. U.S President Donald Trump was the host for this historic diplomatic agreement that normalized UAE-Israel relations. The ceremony was led by Netanyahu and UAE’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Why the Focus on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

As the world moves to a more technology-dependent future, Artificial Intelligence will be used to streamline and make difficult tasks more manageable. Here is why institutions of higher education are focusing more on AI research.


One of the many reasons to study AI at a university in Dubai is because many industries will depend on this technology in the future. In healthcare, Artificial Intelligence will be very useful; it will take up physicians’ overwhelming workload and leave the doctors to deal with light tasks. AI will be on the frontline to discover new drugs and treatments and help to personalize every patient’s healthcare records. It will improve the quality of life and treatment for many people.

AI is continually evolving, and it can now automate many tedious and repetitive tasks that physicians dealt with. This technology can use less time to analyze a swab and make accurate recommendations for a prescription. This allows the physician to focus on other important responsibilities. This technology will also enhance diagnostic procedures; AI might eliminate the need for invasive procedures used to acquire biological tissue samples.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Algorithms have the potential to transform the finance industry. Such algorithms are self-learning and can be useful for the financial organization and customers. Most financial institutions face the pressure of reducing individual investment commission rates. This might force them to use AI to do most tasks. For instance, in bionic advisory, this combines human insight and machine calculations to provide better and simpler options than what one party would do alone. This might be the future of financial decision-making.


Many people have perceived that the future would have flying cars. Although we do not have flying cars yet, we have self-driving vehicles facilitated by companies like Google and Tesla. Although these vehicles require you on board, they are expected to be completely autonomous in the future.

It is necessary to make improvements to enhance the safety of these vehicles. More innovations are expected to take over and continue in the next decade. This is proof that studying Artificial Intelligence at a university in Dubai will help shape the future tremendously.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has disrupted this sector. Today, digital marketing utilizes various AI-powered devices for ad placements, gathering information on consumer behavior, and improving content creation. As the demand for personalization rises, digital marketing will rely more on these tools to satisfy this need. The new generation of marketing tools will be founded on machine learning and AI to improve communication.

Marketers will reach consumers based on demographics and interests; it will be easier to categorize consumers into various groups. This way, markers can reach the right market.  They will create content targeting different consumer groups rather than using a single ad to reach everyone. AI can also track the type of content popular among consumers allowing you to curate your content to meet their needs. This increases interactions because customers have tailor-made experiences that are beneficial.


Artificial Intelligence is useful in the food sector, like quality improvement and reduction in costs. This industry can grow tremendously by utilizing AI. It helps to review the food market; this helps key players in the sector to understand consumer trends, therefore providing more in-demand products. AI can do many things like improving cleanliness in the production plant. It can detect unhygienic machines and devices. It can also monitor the staff’s cleanliness.

Although some people are still skeptical about introducing Artificial Intelligence in various sectors, we cannot deny that it comes with more good than bad. It is beneficial to encourage this technology because it will transform many areas of our lives for the better.