Health experts advise the public to wash their hands, wear masks and maintain social distance to protect themselves from COVID-19. This hassled to the number of people seeking medical services in health facilities. Most doctors and patients in the UAE use telemedicine which is effective.

Doctor house calls are slowly making a comeback; this was popular in the 1930s, but people gradually replaced it in the 20th century in favor of hospitals and clinics. Patients don’t want to spend a lot on emergency departments or wait long for appointment time; this is why they prefer doctor house calls. Evolving consumer habits that use on-demand services and Smartphones have increased the demand for this service.

What are Doctor House Calls?

A doctor house call is when a physician visits a patient in his home. However, modern house calls are distinct from traditional services; patients receive treatment through on-demand mobile app services, community health programs, etc.

Health providers use house calls to provide high-quality services while reducing the use of nursing homes and hospitals. Although this service is mostly utilized by home-bound or fragile patients, young adults are slowly embracing it. New services and applications make it easy to ask for a physician conveniently.

Why House Calls are Making a Comeback

Doctor house call

Doctor house calls provide various services like managing chronic conditions and preventive medicine. Different medical practitioners like occupational therapists, primary care physicians, physical therapists, etc.

Here is how COVID-19 can contribute to doctor house calls;

Reducing Hospitalization

One of the reasons why this service will make a comeback is that it reduces hospitalization. Patients who receive doctor house calls are less likely to require hospitalization and visits to the emergency department. For instance, your cardiologist in Dubai can check on you while you recuperate at home.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, fewer people have been visiting the hospital to avoid infections. Home calls prevent hospital-acquired infections. Getting treatment and recovering at home exposes you to fewer pathogens that can impact your health.


It’s common sense to consider the cost of getting medical care before choosing a treatment plan. If you can’t access a home healthcare provider, you are most likely to visit a hospital. This leads you to pay more than you would for a home call. You can visit a medical center in Dubai and inquire about home call doctor services.

Patient Safety

Doctor house calls improve patient safety which is a challenge in many hospitals. Patient safety aims to reduce and prevent mistakes, errors, harm, and risk that patients might face during the provision of medical treatment. It’s impossible for most errors to occur when a physician visits you for treatment. For instance, there is no mix-up in prescription; you cannot get the wrong medication because there are no other patients receiving treatment at your home with similar conditions. You won’t get a wrong diagnosis either. In essence home, calls reduce medication errors, diagnostic errors, hospital reinfections, etc.

Saves Time

Many patients prefer house calls because they save time. Nobody wants to schedule an appointment and then get to visit the hospital on a different day or month. People want fast things; this includes healthcare. Doctor house calls do not require waiting at the doctor’s office, and it reduces the waiting time for diagnosis and treatment. Busy people and parents with small kids opt for these services because of convenience.

Better Care

Unlike in the hospitals where there are many patients waiting for treatment, house calls are not hurried. When a physician visits you, he takes time to conduct physical examinations and diagnosis, ask thoughtful questions, and provide individualized treatment. There are no distractions for the doctor from the secretary or other physicians and also because you are the only patient at that moment. You can also discuss other medical issues unrelated to the home call visit. A physician is only paid to deal with a single concern at the time; this is not the case for a doctor’s home call service.

Physician and Patient Satisfaction

It’s normal for doctors to suffer burnout, especially when they deal with many patients daily. However, if a physician focuses on house visits, there is less workload which eases the pressure. Also, a doctor can spend more time with a patient and discuss important health issues like lifestyle changes. This brings satisfaction to both parties. Patients also can easily access routine care for conditions such as seasonal illnesses, chronic diseases, fever, lab tests, diagnosis, bronchitis, headache, etc.

COVID-19 has changed how we do things, and it has transformed how people view healthcare. Although many people are avoiding hospitals, it doesn’t mean that they are not dealing with health issues. This is likely to revive the doctor’s house call services, which are convenient, affordable, and provides patient safety. This service is beneficial to physicians and patients.