Humanity is witnessing one of the toughest times right now! And we know the struggle would continue for a while now. From an infant to the oldest member of society – everyone is affected by the present situation and we all are deeply shaken by the threat of Covid 19. It’s the most dangerous and unique illness the globe has witnessed and so far, has no permanent solution. Well, the drastic effects of it are clearly known by all. So, let’s revise the ways to prevent its onset – complete sanitization, wearing of masks, gloves, and other precautionary items — and of course, social distancing! While the other factors are equally important, but social distancing stays extremely crucial.

The Building Management Service – Your Safest Weapon Against Covid 19!

While we all agree to the fact that social distancing is of prime importance, but maintaining it becomes most difficult. Especially, when the world is getting back to normal and you get visitors and people mingling in every area. Well, we say that the best weapon you can have during this time to safeguard your safety is – building management service! It helps you manage social distancing in the best possible way. How, that we have listed below:

  • No touch functioningUntil now consciously or subconsciously, we touched everything anywhere. But now you know very well the Covid 19 spreads even through touching the same objects by two different persons. Well, with the smart building management system set up by Optimum electrical solutions, a building management company in NSW, you don’t have to face this threat anymore. They provide you a management system through which you can check the exits and entries to your building and even manage everything by the central system without touching any buttons. So, with no touching of elevator buttons and switches, you actually combat the pandemic better!
  • Mobile and voice-over facilitiesAnother great way of staying safe against coronavirus with the help of building management systems! The latest system can be tracked easily through your mobile phone and you can control the actions of your building through your smartphone. For example, you need to open the gate of your building, you just need to command through your mobile phone and the task is done! The voice-over facility also helps you in a contactless lifestyle as you can communicate with anyone at your door down below through this system while you are relaxing in your penthouse on the top floor.
  • Smart care facility We know building management systems also include the controlling of temperature and regulating the same as per the requirements. Well, if you have a Covid 19 patient in the building who’s quarantined, you can easily regulate the temperature of his/her room through this system. Also, if the patient is alone, keep an eye on that person through the cameras this system provides you. (But you’ll have to get special permission to install it in the patient’s room. Mostly, it’s only for the corridors and gates.)

Isn’t it fortunate that we have got such an incredible system to help us during such a tricky time? We believe even you’d be utilizing its benefits to stay safe during this tough time. If not, then it’s high time you did!