A B2B company often finds it harder to market and promote itself as compared to B2C companies. They feel that they are unable to get the same kind of traction on social media and other digital platforms.

If you are the business owner or the marketing head of a B2B company, you should look at innovative strategies to promote your brand. According to some of the leading marketing experts, custom tote bags, which can be personalized according to the brand’s specifications can be a great promotional strategy.

In this article, we will list down some of the benefits of using custom tote bags as a marketing strategy for B2B brands. In addition, we will also look at why B2B companies should look at using them to further their cause.

Advantages of using Custom Tote Bags as Promotion by B2B Brands

1. Can be printed with the Brand’s Logo-

A tote bag might look to be a simple enough piece of accessory, but it can be beautifully customized to carry the brand name. Most reputed vendors who manufacture custom tote bags will happily accept your request to customize the same with your brand’s logo or initials. This means that wherever the tote bag goes, your brand will be publicized.

2. Does not have an Expiry Date-

Have you ever heard of a marketing strategy, which you have once invested in and pays off for an indefinite period? A tote bag-based marketing strategy requires a one-time investment. If you ensure that the quality is great, your vendors will keep using the same for a very long time. The more they use the same, the longer will your marketing and promotions last.

3. They make great gifts at Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events-

Every B2B company sees trade shows and events as a significant opportunity to reach out to its target consumers. However, if you are able to use a custom tote bag to hand-out leaflets, notepads, calendars, etc. your brand will be remembered for a very long time. Even though people might not use pens, diaries, etc. they will keep using the tote bag.

4. Promote a Positive Image of your Brand-

B2B brands are notorious for using single-use plastics and not being very sensitive about the environment. However, when you start using custom tote bags made from cloth or jute, you will push an image of your brand as one, which is eco-friendly in nature. This will help attract newer vendors and opportunities for your brand.

5. They are Affordable and Long-Lasting-

Custom tote bags are pretty inexpensive and affordable when compared to other marketing strategies. If you compare the ROIs from the affordability perspective, you will see that this is a great deal to give up on. Their durability and functionality make them a great option for B2B brands looking for affordable promotions.

B2B Companies and the Problems of Marketing

As we stated at the beginning of the article, B2B companies are often found wanting when it comes to marketing and promotions. The usual suspects- SEM, Listings, Trade Shows can get monotonous, to say the least.

If you are a brand, which is into distribution through small retailers, using custom tote bags can help you a lot.

For starters, every retailer, which carries the tote bag acts as a publicist for your brand. When other retailers see the same, they would also want to engage with your brand. This helps get you a lot of inbound queries in business circles.

If the custom tote bag is fashionable, stylish, and durable, you will get a lot of appreciation and free promotions in the process as well. Many leading advertisers also refer to this kind of marketing as ‘native marketing strategy’.

The Final Word

Beyond making great gifting options for corporates, custom tote bags are very useful for B2B companies looking to expand and promote their brand. If you work with a good manufacturing vendor, you can get bulk orders placed at a very affordable price point. However, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the bag and make no compromises in that regard.

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