With the rising popularity of minimalism and the capsule wardrobe, it’s easy to fall into a routine with the clothes you wear. If you’ve hopped on the capsule wardrobe train, it’s easy to get bored with the outfits you wear. Don’t feel bad if this is you bombarded by articles that say you should stick to a boring, plain set of outfits. The trick to building a wardrobe that you won’t get bored of is to buy statement pieces you love first and build your closet around them.

Buy clothing that suits your style first

You can add pieces into your wardrobe that make you feel more like yourself without giving up your minimal habits. Just because you’re being more conscious of the brands you support and the amount of clothing items you allow to live in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t dress the way that you feel. You’ve probably seen several cookie-cutter representations of what your wardrobe should look like, but the reality is that it should be made up of the clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.


When you use Pinterest’s interpretation of what your wardrobe should be, you’ll end up dressing like everyone else you know and chances are, you won’t always feel like yourself. Start building your wardrobe by purchasing high-quality, unique pieces that are true to your style. If you enjoy a darker look, don’t try to make a preppy, spring-inspired plan work for you.

Think out of the box when it comes to clothing brands

Since your capsule wardrobe will be made up of considerably fewer items than the average closet, skip out on brands that make low-quality clothing. The items you purchase should last you for years if you buy from clothing brands that invest in the construction quality of their products. That being said, your first priority should be to find unique pieces that you feel connected to. Clothing brands like Demobaza are leading the charge for “deconstruction fashion“, which is edgy and futuristic. They’re distinctive and stylish, but at the same time, their pieces are neutral enough to easily pair with other items in your wardrobe. More traditional stores like J. Crew and Nordstrom occasionally introduce statement pieces in their collections that differ widely from the bulk of their offering. If you know that a brand makes high-quality pieces but their style doesn’t necessarily fit your own tastes, browse their websites anyway and you may find a hidden treasure or two.

Have a few bold prints in your rotation

Wearing something loud is one of the most effective ways to express your style through clothing. It’s satisfying to make a statement without having to speak a single word. Try adding a few eye-catching prints or patterns into your wardrobe. You can start small with a tie or a pair of socks or you can go all in and stock up on printed shirts.


Look to graphic design trends for inspiration, for example. Try Memphis prints, graphic color blocking, or camouflage prints, for example. Consider looking for a print that has something to do with your occupation or one of your hobbies. Sushi lovers will get a kick out of wearing a sushi-print shirt. Computer programmers will enjoy attending events and meetups more when sporting a fun T-shirt with code written across the front. Building a wardrobe you love and won’t tire of is all about finding updated basics that represent your fun personality. Once you’ve amassed a small collection of more exciting pieces, shop for the basics that you’ll use to complement them.