If you feel like you’re stuck with writing about your own services and/or products on your website – you’re not alone. Don’t worry though, we’ll share an important tip on how to write an effective web copy that definitely sells.

When businesses acquire a new website they tend to focus more on the design elements. Of course that’s also essential, but actually, web copy is the most important thing. Although it’s particularly vital in building your brand, it’s often underestimated by most site owners. The truth is, well-crafted web copy can make a whole lot of difference between making a sell and getting a lead.

Here’s something to consider:

If you can only say one thing on your website, what would it be? You’d probably want to talk about your services, your products, what makes your brand unique, or how amazing your business is, right? Well, you have to get rid of that mentality. The harsh reality is that, your prospective customers don’t care about you at all.

People will come to your website because they’re looking for something, or they have some kind of problem and they’re hoping to find an immediate solution. They probably have issues with their phones or computers and they want to know how to fix it, or they just had a pipe burst and they need to get a plumber as soon as possible, or it can also be something as simple as just trying to find a nice place to eat and dine.

You should have a good mind which can scan user’s brain so you can give your readers what they want. Always write the content with the most relevant and 100% unique information at the top. Also, you should do research your keywords, format your content correctly, and grammar check before finalizing the web copy.

Did you notice the similarity? These people are trying to look for something. So the questions that you should be asking is this: How can you help them? How can you make their lives better?

I know you probably think that by talking about what makes your products/services so good or so unique, it’s also going to show what the customer gets in return. In reality, however, it really doesn’t work that way. You can always say that you’re the number one rated designer, artist, or whatnot in your area— but then again, you have to remember that should not be focusing on yourself. People will always ask why you have that ‘title’, so here’s what you should be focusing on:

  • Who rated you number one?
  • Why are you number one rated?
  • What does that do for your customers?

In web design London, writing an effective web copy means you clearly stated what your customers/clients will get when they hire you, or when the buy something from you.

Also, the only way people would ever trust your products or services is for them to see actual results. That’s why you have to creatively show your works and finished products, and maybe even incorporate some feedback from previous clients. This way, your potential customers will have some kind of proof that you’re legitimate.

Whenever you think it’s a good opportunity to brag (even just a little bit) about your business and talk about what makes it so great, fight that urge and turn it back around on your customers.