Diamonds come in just about every colour imaginable, but have you considered a coloured gem for your engagement ring?

More About Colour Gemstones

Diamonds are available in a wide range of gorgeous, bright shades, from pink and red to yellow, black, brown, violet, and even blue. Fancier colours like blue, red, and even green are very rare and tend to carry staggering price tags. In general, fancy colours have nine saturation levels, with the deepest being the most valuable, and this also affects price.

Brown, black, and yellow diamonds tend to be the most complicated. Over the years, Hollywood stars and even royalty have sported stunning yellow diamonds. The vivid gems are known as “canary.”  You can view a range of gems at

Is a Coloured Gem the Right Choice for Your Engagement Ring?

Moving away from a traditional white diamond may well be a great option for you or your fiancée to be. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Is your bride-to-be unique and fashion-forward?

Fashion-forward and sophisticated combinations like rose gold, or chocolate-coloured diamonds are sure to set your partner apart from the crowd. If she just loves colour in general, and has a flair for fashion or even arty accessories, she is sure to love a colour diamond. Perhaps you could consider her birthstone even, like October’s birthstone. The most important thing is to give her something that she will love. The best way to make her day is by giving her a coloured Gemstone.

  1. She is mesmerised by romance and glamour.

If she is drawn to the sophistication and glamour of the red carpet and loves old films, and perhaps she even has a fascination with royal families, a colour diamond may be just the way to infuse some glamour into her everyday life. This will rejuvenate her and provide joy to her life each day. In fact, it will give her a reason to live and the courage to face another day. Such glamour will add meaning to life and bring happiness in the whole family.

  1. Does she have a signature colour?

Is your partner gorgeous in pink? Maybe she has sensational green eyes? Or does orange or yellow look particularly wonderful against her skin tone? If there is a colour she tends to wear most often, an engagement ring with a diamond in that colour is going to be a home run. Therefore, you must understand the colours she loves most before you can match that with a perfect engagement ring. You need a Glamour ring that will add beauty to her life and going for coloured ones meets this objective with a lot of precision.

  1. You want to find a colour gem with meaning.

Colour diamonds have all kinds of marvellous associations attached to them. There is a myriad of different interpretations based on who you talk to, but, as an example, some people say that red diamonds symbolize strength and love, while blue suggests peace and tranquillity, and yellow is a symbol of calm, caring, and selflessness. As a soon-to-be-wed couple, you may be looking for something that symbolizes your unique love and a coloured gem can help you do just that. You can enquire from the experts on the meaning of each colour diamond. Let the one you choose have meaning that can add value to her life and display that you love and care.

Finding an Affordable Coloured Gemstone

If you decide that a coloured gem is the way to go for your engagement ring, you do not have to break the bank, as there are plenty of affordable options out there. Colour-enhanced diamonds, especially, are natural diamonds that are treated to change their colour. Some diamonds come straight out of the earth coloured, and others are heat treated.

There is no doubt that your fiancée to be will be tickled pink by a red-carpet worthy coloured diamond engagement ring.