Abayas are not just the boring black gowns worn by Muslim women. They can be stylish if the woman wearing them is also stylish. With some clever tailoring, delicate embellishments and stylish accessorizing, they can look simply gorgeous.

Stylish and elegant Abayas are available in the market. Some women even wear it not only to cover the body but also to make a fashion statement. Modern Abayas are not only in black color but also feature colorful elements. Go abaya online shopping for trying new trends.

However there are some common fashion mistakes  which are associated with Abayas. Here are some of them:

  • Too many bulky layers: Make sure you are not covering up yourself with random items, lest you look like you are donning a costume. While layering clothes can look chic, there is also something like too much layering. You must pay heed to your proportions so you don’t have a bulky silhouette with too many extra fabrics hanging about. The key  tip is to opt for layers that blend well.
  • Polyester Abayas: They are modest and cheap and you may find them good-looking. But you may spend your whole time tugging and pulling at your dress since it is too warm. Polyester is not a breathable fabric and not at all comfortable to wear. Instead go in for stretch jersey fabrics which will not stick to your body.
  • Sweeping style: An abaya that is sweeping the ground looks terribly The same can be said if it is too short. When purchasing an Abaya, check  the fit by trying on both flats and  heels. Target a length which is a few centimeters below your ankle.
  • Length of arms: The length of sleeves is as crucial as the length of the hem.  If it is too short or long, the sleeves can mar an attractive look and interfere with daily routine activities. Ensure that your sleeves  stay till only the end of your wrists ( in case you are not aiming for a ¾ long sleeves).
  • Clinging to the curves: This is an important fashion mistake that will ruin your looks. When you squeeze into a body skimming Abaya which is too sizes small, it is a total mistake. If you are battling to make the too ends meet or if it is difficult to slip into, then you must definitely consider changing the size.
  • Overwhelming layers: On the other hand, if you are swimming in too many layers of fabric, it will create an overwhelming look that drowns your frame especially if you are petite.  You can go in for belted abayas which are very flattering to your frame and highlight a slim waist.
  • Go for slick not thick: Excessive layering can stand in the way of a streamlined look. Go for the basic outfit that is made of lightweight fabric. Keep this tip in mind when in winter you want to stay warm but avoid looking puffy.
  • As per change in season: Like most clothes, abayas also vary according to seasons. In summer go for overlays made of silk, cotton or linen. During winter, a wool abaya will do well.
  • Embellished but elegant: Embellishments like embroidery can provide a luxurious look but only if it is elegant and low key.  Consider how they have been crafted. Loose sequins, frayed embroidery and wrongly placed crystals can completely mar your look. Go for designer abayas with minimal but sophisticated

These are some fashion tips to keep in mind while wearing an Abaya.