Having a home that stands out from the rest is what everybody dreams of!  But attaining the same isn’t quite easy. What if all the other houses in the neighbourhood are bricked and yours looks astounding with an aluminium cladding over it? Of course, it isn’t necessary that only aluminium will suit your home. There are various types of wall claddings and each of them is superior in their own context. Now, it depends upon you and your house’s location, as to which cladding would suit your house the best!

The Various Types of Exterior Claddings to Choose for Your Home!

When you are selecting the most suitable cladding for your home, remember that whether it’s a plain one or a combustible cladding, contact Dunmoe Cladding Services. They’ll provide you with the best services about the same and won’t even charge you a bomb for it. So, before you call them, just take a look at the types of claddings for your home’s exterior.

  • Brick walled cladding — We know it is a pretty common one and you often see this type of cladding in almost all the houses in your area and city. But no matter how common it is, the special appeal in the earthy tones of the bricks never goes out of fashion and these look charming in almost all types of homes. But, if you have a single storey or a two-storey building with a beautiful garden around, we suggest brick cladding would be the best for your home.
  • Timber cladding — Hardwood looks extremely sophisticated and gives your house an elegant feel. If you don’t face much rainfall in your area, then hardwood is suitable for your house. And if the multi-storeyed building is decorated in a sophisticated way, then this type of cladding adds the perfect finishing touch to it. What’s more, it can last for decades in its original position if you care for it properly.
  • Fibre cement cladding – The latest but innovative kind of a cladding that is best recommended for longer use in your buildings. These are available in a plethora of colours and patterns and they even mimic timber perfectly. With the fibre and cement being its prime component, it provides an ideal finish to your home.
  • Aluminium cladding — Providing a metallic look to your home, aluminium cladding is especially recommended for multi-storied homes. Not only does it make your exterior tough and free from dust and weather challenges, it provides a perfect sophisticated look to your home which is totally unmatchable.
  • Vinyl cladding — It’s the most common and budget-friendly type of cladding recommended for country homes and even small bungalows. The vinyl has innumerable patterns and colours to choose from and makes your home look unique from others.

When installed perfectly by a great installer, the wall cladding can be an added touch of royalty and security for your homes. No matter which one from the above you choose, if the colours are great, the material matches your lifestyle and suits your home decor theme, then no one can stop your home from looking awesome!