You are probably standing outside your home. Suddenly the garage door opens itself. Shocked? Well, you should be! But don’t worry, there isn’t some paranormal factor doing it. There can be a serious issue in your garage door or it’s working that can be disastrous later. Also, don’t take it lightly. A garage door that opens itself makes your car vulnerable to theft and even may harm you or the people coming in and out of the garage physically.

So Why is the Garage Door Opening by Itself?

Out of the innumerable issues that you face with your garage doors, opening by itself remains the most serious one.  And the reasons for the same can be checked below. But remember, to call an experienced garage door repair service to find the issue in your present door or just get it replaced by a steel line garage door via OPS Services for better results. They are super-fast in their services and will provide you with the best quality new garage door or if the problem is manageable, they’ll repair the present door for you.

  • Faulty remote control A garage door often opens by itself automatically because of some remote-control malfunction. The first thing you should do is find your remote and see if it is with the kids and they’re functioning the device. And if it is not the case, then the remote-control buttons or functions are faulty, and you’ll need to replace it entirely.
  • Wrongly set force limit Well, did you go for a garage servicing recently? There are very high chances that the service person didn’t change the main control function of the garage door’s motor. This motor needs to be serviced timely as well. Otherwise, it often shows incorrect settings and the garage door then starts opening and closing on its own. So the next time you call a repairer to service your garage door, ensure that they are servicing the motor as well. These two need to be working harmoniously together.
  • Cross frequency This is funny, but the cross-frequency is when someone else’s remote control operates your garage door. Maybe, when you bought a new remote control and operated your door with it, even your neighbor got one on the same day and did the same thing. That’s why you are remote got connected to their device and this is what’s causing the cross-frequency and the automatic opening of the door. Just check with your neighbor and look into this matter to find out what the real issue is!
  • Faulty logic board Now this is a real big issue. Sometimes logic boards are faulty because of some manufacturing defects. Or if there are frequent outages or water leakages in the area where the garage door is aligned, such an issue is bound to happen. This issue can be solved only by calling a professional garage repairer who then repairs or changes the logic board entirely.

These are some of the technical issues that make your garage open on its own. Remember to tackle this issue at the earliest so that your car and your family can be safe from any upcoming danger.