Getting married is stressful enough, but getting married during a pandemic may take your anxiety to a whole new level. If you have a large family and have always wanted a large event, you may have to scale back. If you wanted a destination wedding, you may have to move to a new spot. Love will conquer all, but it’s going to have to stay flexible.

Decorate with Music

If you’ve got to move to a smaller space, consider bumping up the quality of the music. Hire a harpist, or bring in a lute player. Live music as the focal point of your service, such as in the 15 to 20 minutes before the event, is a great way to set the tone and create an intimacy you can celebrate. No, not everyone can safely come to your wedding. However, the celebration you can create with those who can attend can be made more lovely with this shared experience.

Decorate with Light

In a small space, it’s important to draw the eye up. If the view out the window isn’t all that special, you can purchase a netting fabric, such as tulle, for very little money and knot it, bunch it and drape it in front of the windows. Such a treatment will diffuse the light. Candles in the vicinity will add to the warmth. You can create a very intimate affair in a small space that you and your guests will remember forever.


Not everyone at your event will wear a mask, but many people will choose to do so. Rather than setting a masking policy, unless the facility requires it, get custom masks made that include the name of you and your spouse. Hire a seamstress or get them custom printed as wedding favors. Put them on the table beside the programs as guests come in, alongside bottles of hand sanitizer. Do your best to protect those you love.

Small yet Exquisite

If you need to downsize the wedding location, you may want to also downsize the dress. For example, if Grandma can’t come to the wedding, you can take the wedding party to her. Choose a simple gown that you can move in and treat yourself to a custom item unique to you. There are handmade wedding veils online that you can add to your ensemble that could reflect what she wore on her special day. If you can get to her, make sure that your photographer has a copy of her wedding photo so they can find a way to echo her pose in your photos.

Number the RSVP Cards

If you are having a meal with your guests, give them the option to order on the RSVP card and create a numbered list. With this list, you will know who’s coming to the wedding and the dinner even if you can’t read the respondent’s name. You’ll get an accurate count for your caterer and reduce food waste as well. Since 2020 is not the year to have to deal with the risks of a buffet, your caterer will need very specific numbers.

To that end, make sure to have dining tables set up with at least 6 feet between the tables. When you make your butterfly trips around the room, try to mask up. Even if you’re well, you can transfer COVID-19 from guest to guest by a touch or a hug. You want to host the event of the season, not be the hot spot of the year.

Finally, if you’re having a DJ at your after-party, ask your attendees to write their favorite song on their RSVP card and get this data to your DJ so they have time to prep some special tunes.

It’s not All About the Shoes, but…

Treat yourself to multiple pairs of shoes. Yes, you’ll want something remarkable for the ceremony and the photos. Be ready to switch to something comfortable for everything else. Sore feet are not a celebratory event!

The year 2020 has been memorable and not always in a good way. With your wedding, you have the chance to add a bright spot. Keep things simple, or as simple as you’re happy with. Cherish the guests who can attend, and if you can take your wedding party to a loved one who’s quarantined or isolated, do so.