Even if you’re only setting up camp across town, moving house is a massive process that can take it out of your entire family. The challenge of transporting all of your belongings, getting acclimatized to your new neighborhood, and essentially changing up your entire way of living can take its toll.

This is especially the case when you add a child – or children – to the equation. Yet along with it being detrimental to your mental wellbeing and stress levels, it is also going to impact your youngsters in some way. They might initially be excited at the thought of moving, but everything from having a different bedroom arrangement to changing school can quickly turn their mood upside down.

To lower the negativity, there are several steps you can take – which is where this guide is here to help. Below are five tips to help your children adjust when moving to a new house.

1. Have a discussion

The first step you should take is to discuss the move with your children. You cannot simply tell them you’re moving and leave it at that – they will require some form of substance to understand why it is happening. Are you moving due to a new career? Perhaps it is because you desire a larger home for your family?

Whatever the reason, explain it in full and how it will affect the entire family. By doing this, your children have a way to express their feelings and any concerns, and you can ultimately reassure them about the move.

2. Involve them in the process

To get them more positively invested in the movie, try and get them involved as much as possible. Take them to see their new home during a viewing. Let them help when packing up all your possessions. Give them the task of creating a moving book, which can include photos and stories of what will be their former home.

3. Receive a helping hand

Even if your kids want to help out as much as possible, you should always reach out for assistance with the big move. This assistance should come in the form of a moving company helping to transport your possessions to your new abode. Not only does this relieve a lot of the stress involved and give you more time to spend with your children, but you can also be assured all of your items will arrive in one piece.

At least, that’s the case if you select a reputable and reliable mover. Are you wondering, ‘How do I search through all the moving companies near me and find the best one?’ If so, there are key points to look for: reputation and longevity. If a moving company has been operating for decades and collected an extensive collection of positive reviews, they’re going to be a safe bet.

4. Pack the right way

When you pack up your possessions, it’s essential you utilize strong labeling skills, so you know where everything is following the move. This is certainly the case when it comes to your children’s items. They won’t wait around for instant access to their favorite toys and video games!

In addition, you should consider packing a travel bag on moving day, so they have some comforts with them for the journey.

5. Maintain a positive mindset

Yes, you’re going to feel the stress that comes with moving. Yet, it’s important you don’t let this surface. Your children will pick up your feelings. If you’re being all stressed out, they will copy that mindset. Try and be relaxed, stay positive, and your kids will have a more positive overall experience.