If you are wanting to get your spouse something unique, you should consider this list below. These are five great anniversary gifts your spouse will love. Each idea is something your spouse likely will not anticipate, either.

1. Outdoor Travel

You should look into booking an outdoor adventure for you and your other half. When was the last time you two spent some quality time together in nature? There are so many cool adventures you both will enjoy. You might even be able to find some extra time for romance.


Whether you live in the Los Angeles and Southern California area or not, you should look into Kernville, CA. You can drive to Kernville from LA in less than three hours. Consider booking something like lickety split rafting. You can grab the two of you a guided excursion and retire for the night amidst the picturesque Sequoia National Forst. And you have plenty of other fun activities you can enjoy on top of the rafting, too.

2. A Home Cooked Meal

When was the last time you cook a homemade meal for your spouse? You could look into grabbing some high-quality foods and wine and treat your spouse like royalty. And if you have kids, you could even have them join in on the fun. They could be your dinner servers.


If you are not an experienced cook, you could look at online tutorials and read up on some recipes. But if you still feel unsure about your abilities, you could grab various items from your spouse’s favorite restaurants. You can still bring out the fine china, and your spouse likely will still appreciate your sweet gesture.

3. Custom Art

Does your spouse like art? Have you thought about giving them some custom art? If your spouse has a friend who is an artist, you could look into that. They will have a good idea as to what your spouse’s tastes are. They also could help you ensure the art will look right in your home’s space.


And as with a meal to celebrate the occasion, you can create custom art on your own, too. You can head to your local art studios and art supply stores for ideas and help with your project. You also can watch online tutorials about various DIY art projects you could accomplish on your own.

4. Travel to NYC

Have you and your spouse ever been to New York City, NY? The city is loaded with activities the two of you will enjoy. And if you do your research, you should be able to locate all kinds of good deals to make your visit even more affordable. From accommodations to experiences, you have access to promotions and sales that are sure to make your experience even more incredible.


Of course, you will want to check out some Broadway shows. But don’t forget to check out the area’s historical attractions like the Statue of Liberty, too. Central Park is among the stops you should make and don’t forget to check out the amazing shopping lining the streets of the city. Don’t forget, either, that NYC also has is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

5. House Work

Your spouse really might enjoy you spending a day or the weekend on some work around your home. Consider sending your spouse away for the during the day to pamper themself and then have your home spruced for them when they arrive You can do work inside and outside that your other half will appreciate.


Maybe you should take on some landscaping work. You could de-weed garden beds, mow your lawn, and plant colorful flowers on your property. Even if you already have a landscaper consider buying something like a rose bush. Surprise your partner and plant it yourself. Every year the two of you will look at the rose bush and think about your love for one another. Just make sure whichever plant you purchase will work in your yard.

Five Great Ideas

Each of the great ideas above is sure to be a hit with your spouse. And you might want to bookmark this page. That could come in handy should you need to reference this again before your anniversary.