You Tube’s newest kid friendly channel is called You On Kazoo. In the latest video, YouTuber Jimmy VanBlaricum shows off a five-minute clip from a 1989 childrens’ television episode entitled You On Kazoo!. It featured a young boy, dressed in all white with a bright yellow bow tie, who would soon become known as the famous Kazoo Kid, teaching other kids how to play the kazoo with passion.

In 2020, YouTuber Jim Van Blaricum published a five minute video of a 1989 children’s television episode entitled You On Kazoo!. It featured a young, mischievous kid with an infectious grin, who was then known as the Kazool Kid, teaching other children how to play the accordion using only their voices. The segment was dubbed as an “all-in-one” instructional guide for the accordion. You Tube fans loved it, and now many Kazool Kids is in the spotlight for their unique and often humorous, lessons on kazoo.

A Kazoo Kid can be seen in numerous YouTube videos playing the accordion. He also appears in a short animated feature for the children’s television channel Cartoon Network. The kids, as well as Kazool Kids, are often shown singing and dancing to the accordion’s upbeat tune.

One of the biggest challenges in teaching the accordion is teaching kids that “Kazool Kid” is not actually a kid at all. In fact, Kazool Kid is actually the Kazool Family. The siblings are siblings, and parents have a long history with the organization. Parents like the fact that the children are motivated by a love for music and are allowed to learn at their own pace, unlike some children’s entertainers, who force their music on the children, forcing them to listen.

The Kazool Kid can be seen in several YouTube videos playing the accordion in a variety of settings. Sometimes he’s shown sitting next to his parents on the couch watching television, or he’s shown at the piano, or he’s shown taking a nap in the sun. Many YouTube users find the videos to be both educational and amusing. Parents enjoy being able to see the Kazool Kid use the accordion in a number of different scenarios, and their children enjoy seeing that the Kazool Kid has a natural flair for music.

If you’re looking for a unique children’s educational video with a little something extra, then “You On Kazoo!” might be just what you’re looking for. Even though it’s not as educational as traditional musicals or shows featuring famous musicians, it can still provide hours of entertainment for both kids and parents.

In addition to having a fun video, “You On Kazoo!” is also known for promoting the kazool kid’s charitable organization, which gives children music lessons, including how to play an accordion. The KK Kids Music Fund gives children lessons on the accordion at the elementary level and gives parents the opportunity to donate to this non-profit organization by purchasing tickets to upcoming events and donating to the kids’ musical theater of choice. When You On Kazoo Kid starts singing, it doesn’t take long for him to convince other kids to join in. After he gets started, everyone is singing and dancing around him. They stop for a few minutes and then begin again. The kazoo gets turned upside down as they move around in the air, and the kid ends up performing a few riffs.