Wedding planning can be quite overwhelming and a handful. You will need to think of a lot of things such as your venue, decorations, wedding dress, food, guest, and many more. You should be keen enough in order not to miss an important element to make your wedding planning successful.

This can be quite difficult if you don’t have a guide that will give you a clear direction on what you will do especially on the aesthetics and feels of your wedding. Hence, it is important to have a wedding theme to know so that you will be guided in successfully creating your dream wedding.

There are a lot of wedding themes that you can choose from. The common and go-to themes are the romantic wedding theme, vintage or retro wedding theme, the whimsical wedding theme, fairytale wedding theme, and many more.

You can also be unique by incorporating personal preferences such as coffee wedding theme, nature wedding theme, candy wonderland wedding theme, and many more. The options are infinite that choosing what you want is difficult. Worry no more! Below are the things you need to know when choosing a theme for you and your special one’s significant day.

1.  Make a list and narrow it down

You will need time to sit down and talk with your partner on what theme you both prefer. List down the similar things you both like to do ranging from activities to movies, to food, books, and many more. Try to remember the memorable memories you have done together. Making a list can help you and your partner narrow down your choices and select one that caters to both of your interests.

2.  Choose a feasible wedding theme

When choosing a wedding theme, it is important to consider that it is feasible. Feasible is similar to achievable. Something that you can successfully create with all the available resources you have. Know your timeline, deadlines, and grace periods for each element of wedding planning you need to finish. You need to ask the following questions:

“When is my wedding?”

“Is the time for preparations enough to meet the deadline?”

“Will this time be enough to create the aesthetics of my chosen theme?”

“How many days should I give for the grace period of the preparations?”

“Is my wedding theme well-coordinated with my timeline?”

“Is this wedding theme achievable concerning the available resources in our locality and our budget?”

A wedding theme that is well coordinated with the timeline is a great factor in budgeting the costs or expenses for the preparations of your wedding day.

3.  Survey around your locality

If you have possible themes in mind, survey around your locality if there are available venues you can use and stores for the decorations that you can buy. If there are no available resources in your locality, then you will need to buy and import from other places. This will greatly affect the costs that you will spend on your wedding.

Moreover, there are a lot of wedding venues in New Jersey that are versatile to cater to the needs of your wedding theme. You can have the traditional enclosed wedding venues such as social halls. Try something new with outdoor wedding venues.

Hold a wedding ceremony in your backyard or you can rent outdoor spaces such as golf courses, beaches or you can secure a permit to use a public park. With this, include in your research on possible wedding dress companies that can help you in creating your dream wedding dress and your husband’s attire concerning the wedding themes that you have in mind.

4.  Think of your guests

Your guests’ matter. Hence, you should also think of them while deciding on what wedding theme to choose. Depending on your budget, you can provide your entourage with a gown and tuxedo which will never be a problem for them. However, if they will be the ones who will provide for themselves, they will need to prepare the money to create an attire (and gifts too!) that fits your wedding theme.

5.  A wedding theme that fits your budget

Of course, the most important of all is your wedding budget! You will need to consider this when deciding on your wedding theme. If you wish to have an extravagant wedding theme, you will need to put together a lot especially for decorations.

For hassle-free preparations, you can also hire wedding planners or organizers. For this, it means you will need to prepare an extra budget for this. However, if you are tight on your budget, then you will need to readjust your plans and choose something that is financially feasible for you.

It might not be that obvious but every wedding follows a wedding theme. Wedding themes help in leading the couples and organizers in planning for the wedding. It aids in giving a clear vision of what the couple wants to see and achieve to successfully create a wedding that is for the books.