Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. It can be tempting to try to cut down on costs by eliminating certain aspects of your dream wedding. With so many details to juggle, it is also easy to lose track of some of the most important elements. Here are five wedding services that you should not overlook when planning this memorable occasion.

Consider the Kids

If you are inviting kids to your big bash, you will want to make sure that you have made accommodations for them. This is especially crucial if you are planning a long wedding ceremony. Handing out coloring or activity books to young children before the ceremony begins will help to keep them entertained and quiet as you exchange your vows. Savvy wedding planners also consider a kids table for the reception. Fill this table with goodies, activities, and other things to keep kids happy during the party. Handing out disposable cameras for the kids to use is another great idea. The parents will appreciate the effort that you made to include the kids and make the celebration fun for them.

Plan Your Exit

Although many brides focus on the walk down the aisle and the entrance into the reception as a newly married couple, they forget to put thought into how they are going to leave the celebration. A memorable exit will leave the celebration on the right note and create a lasting impression for your guests. You are not limited to the traditional decorated getaway car for your exit. Other ideas include leaving on a romantic horse-drawn carriage or speeding off on a moped.


Do not make the mistake of trying to skimp on the photography for your big day. These pictures are what you will have to remember these special moments for the rest of your life. Do not make the common mistake of letting an inexperienced friend take your photos. You will most likely be left feeling disappointed especially after all of the hard work you put into making your day special. When looking for excellent wedding photography services, be sure to find a professional who is committed to capturing the raw emotion of your wedding day. When looking back at these shots, you will want to have pictures that portray the genuine feelings of that moment in time.

Cake Table

Many brides and grooms focus the majority of their efforts and budget on the actual cake while neglecting to put some thought into how it will be displayed. The cake table will likely be the focal point of the reception area. This area will also be the backdrop for all of the cake-cutting photos, making it important that you make it shine. Ideas to consider include tealight candles scattered around the cake and a tulle table skirt to hide the legs. Adding some lighting beneath the skirt will create a romantic glow. You can also set the cake on a riser so that it stands out in the room.

Accommodating Out of Town Guests

If you have guests coming from out of town to attend your wedding, it is polite to make sure that this is a seamless travel experience for them. This is particularly important if you are planning a destination wedding. You can help to make the trip easier for them by providing them with detailed destination information prior to their departure. For example, giving them a list of local restaurant recommendations will help them to plan their dining reservations for the trip. A goodie bag in their hotel room filled with local delights and other useful travel essentials will also be appreciated by your guests who have made a big effort to attend the bash.

None of these elements will go unnoticed by your guests. Taking the time to consider these little details will add to the overall success of the most important day of your life.