The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the shutting down of schools, universities, and educational institutions across the world.

However, to keep pace with the education industry, organizations and educational institutes had to start thinking about innovating education.

Since the offline education industry had to shut down their institutions, EdTech companies and startups showed a rapid spike in the market, bringing EdTech to the forefront. The EdTech system has been around for already quite some time, perhaps 15-20 years. Not to mention, it has evolved drastically within the same period.

And with the pandemic situation, it has seamlessly scaled to a level where this is the only option left – upskilling through online learning training or programs. Therefore, creating a sellers’ market in education technology companies.

Let us further look at the list of EdTech companies you need to watch out for post-pandemic:

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)

Location – New York City

Founded – 2006

Teachers Pay Teachers also referred to as TPT is a company that helps teachers stay connected with other teachers to exchange teaching materials. The company follows the Open Marketplace business model with secured funding through the private equity model. TPT aims to keep the teachers connected within the community.


Location – Salt Lake City, Utah

Founded – 2008

Instructure is an EdTech startup closely inclined toward the teaching community. The company helps develop new courses and allot tasks. It combines LMS along with Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to share knowledge online.


Location – Bengaluru, India

Founded – 2020

The company Edvantic founded earlier in August 2020 is a leading company whose major focus is to provide high-end quality education across the world. The company aims to impart the best learning experience for both professionals and organizations. Also, the company looks forward to innovating education, therefore plays a crucial role in providing professional certification in the latest technology skillset – artificial intelligence (AI), data science, big data, and blockchain.

With most of the people working from home, online education technology companies have proven to be valuable for professionals looking to upskill. In a country like India, online courses and programs showed an up-rise post lockdown. And rightly so, the growing interest of people to learn new skills started to increase. Based on a forecast by the IMF, the overall global economy is said to fall by 3 percent by the end of 2020. We may experience some of the worst cases of the recession period. Why wait when we can easily start by picking up the most relevant skills in the industry. The USP of the company – learning experience that is well-equipped to help professionals achieve the latest skills and become job-ready.


Location – 2008

Founded – New York City

Knewton is well-known for adaptive learning. It helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can also obtain analytical reports of their students, thus allowing them to focus on a particular student. Besides this, students get personal recommendations regarding their learning techniques, the areas they lack, and the areas they can improve.


Location – New York City

Founded – 2000

The company is a non-profit organization. Most students who learn from this platform get funding for their projects through donors. This gives them the privilege to stay connected with the donor. Nonetheless, students get the opportunity to work without any limitations to themselves toward self-funding.

Besides Edvantic which is known as the World’s education company, we also have other names that hit the list i.e. Teachable, Pearson, Everfi, and Saga Education.


In a nutshell, we are in dire need and demand for such advancements in the education industry. EdTech companies and startups will not only help professionals and organizations adopt online learning experience but also gain prowess in delivering their learning capability.