It is a sad reality of life, but we all must die at some point. This means that everyone will go through the pain of losing something that they love at some point. Everyone deals with this in different ways, but it is safe to say that the grieving process is real and must be dealt with. There is psychological and emotional pain that must be dealt with, as well as logistical issues that need to be taken care of depending on how close you were to the individual. With that in mind, here are four different ways that people tend to deal with death.

Physical and Emotional Shut Down

Death often strikes unexpectedly. If someone you are close to suddenly passes away, you might find that you shut down physically and emotionally for a certain period of time. Some people find it difficult to eat, while others cannot really think properly. This will pass, it just takes some time to go through the grieving process. Make sure you pick up these often unconscious changes. Make sure people get drink, rest, food. Remind your loved one, take them food. Send them delivery or post mates. Sometimes a trip to the kitchen and food preparation are too exhausting when you’re so distressed.

Keep Busy with Funeral Preparations

Most people will have some type of funeral or memorial service shortly after their passing. If a close friend or family member dies, you might find that you may not show emotional distress. You may ignore it and pour into the planning of either the funeral or creation services. This will keep their mind busy away from their thoughts. It’s a coping mechanism. Be warned though, you can’t and shouldn’t shut your emotions out. If you are pouring themselves into work to stay busy you will burn out and emotions will come to the surface when you are not expected. It may be when reminded of the loved one when a song comes on, with a smell or a memory. Know it’s ok to process the emotions and you don’t have to be strong. Allow others to step in and help with the busywork so you can take time to heal properly.  Just remember that you are still grieving and will need to deal with that at some point as well.


While some people want to be around others in their time of grief, there are many individuals who will completely isolate themselves from the world. This could last just a few days, or it could go on for a month or more. This is an extreme form of grieving, but many people go through periods where they just want to be left alone. Be with friends even if you say you want to quietly look at a movie together and have company even if not being social.

If you are having mixed feelings of wanting to be with friends while wanting to be alone, don’t be alarmed. Sometimes socializing can be too much effort when you are wanting to be isolated. Websites like let you share video. This way you can watch youtube or a movie with a long distance friend. You don’t even have to talk, but you can if you want to. It’s a way to spend time with someone without having to talk about your feelings. Make sure that you allow people into your life when you are going through a hard time.

Long Talks with Loved Ones

There will hopefully be many memories that you have of the person who has died. To get through your emotions, you might find it helpful to have long talks with loved ones. Share your emotions and get it all out. That is a healthy way to deal with grief and it is how many people react during the process.

These are just four of the many different ways that people tend to deal with death today. It is important to remember that everyone is different. This means that you will handle death differently than others around you. Find out what you need and then get the help that you require to get through this difficult time. That is the best that you can do.