If you are thinking about having your wedding overseas, there is a lot to plan. You need to contemplate exactly which venue will be right for you both. If you are thinking on a global scale then narrowing down your search could take some time. Choose a country that has meaning to you both. Perhaps you are looking for perfect weather or a certain kind of a cuisine. Many people choose an overseas wedding venue. This allows them to take advantage of incredible views and luxury accommodation. Here’s what you need to consider:

The venue

Whether you’re getting married in Vietnam or you’re getting married in Bali, you will want one of the world’s best venues. The signs of high-quality accommodation are:

  • a choice of scenic backdrops
  • excellent facilities that includes WiFi and air conditioning
  • a dedicated wedding events team.


The guest list

Many older relatives may not want to fly or travel any substantial distance if they suffer from medical conditions. Other guests may not be able to fly due to restrictions or work commitments. Your guest list for an overseas wedding will naturally be smaller. But if you’re looking for an intimate wedding then this is ideal.

The cuisine

Foreign countries mean foreign foods and drinks. Be certain you are able to navigate safely your menu choices. You’ll need to avoid food allergens and dishes that are inappropriate to your customs. If you are booking an overseas wedding, be sure to approve the menus before paying your deposit!

The local customs

Some countries have strict customs and traditions. This may impact on your choices of alcohol, appropriate dress and public displays of affection. Be sure to do your homework when it comes to checking out what would be acceptable if you don’t know your destination country very well. You might want to advise your guests of the same information to help them enjoy their stay.

The flights

Some islands are pretty small, but they may make the ideal wedding location. If you are a nervous flyer, be wary. Smaller passenger planes may be the only way to reach some of the world’s most idyllic wedding venues. You may want to check out how you can reach your destination before booking.

The cost

An overseas wedding could cost tens of thousands in travel and accommodation costs for you and your guests. If you don’t pay for your guests, you may be saving a fortune, but your guest list could shrink to immediate family only. Of course, the savings are made when you consider that you are likely to honeymoon in that location anyway. So it may be even cheaper than marrying at home.

An overseas wedding is enormously romantic. The thought of crossing the globe to become united for life with your loved one is wonderful. You can make savings by marrying in a foreign country too, as well as creating the most exotic and beautiful wedding photos. Your guest list may not be huge, but you’ll never forget the day you got married, wherever that may be.