Author: Kara Masterson

Creative Cleanup: 4 Tricks to Keeping Your Kitchen Spotless

While you might love to cook, it’s unlikely that you adore the cleanup after the main event. At times, you might even avoid cooking because you are too tired to tackle the mess you’ll make. You don’t have to avoid cooking because you hate the cleaning at the end. These tips should help with the cooking mess. Prepping the Kitchen When you’re organized, the kitchen seems less chaotic. Grab everything you’ll need before starting to cook. Bring out all the pans you’ll be using. Organize your cutting board. Grab measuring cups and spoons. If you don’t, you’ll remember you...

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Defeating the Dirt: 4 Home Maintenance Tricks You Shouldn’t Forget

When you own a home, there are basic maintenance tricks that you should keep in mind that will keep the house looking as beautiful as the day it was built. You should also keep a few tools handy that will make it easier to maintain the home and fix things that might need to be repaired, such as a basic tool kit or a water hose. If you’re prepared and plan ahead, then you could save money that would be spent on repairs or a professional company. Cleaning The Gutter System Precipitation is almost always a factor that needs...

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Keeping Track of Your Tots: How to Move with Children

You’re about to embark on a move to your new home. It can be an overwhelming time as you think about your to-do list that is stretching out a mile long. You have to worry about packing, utilities, and transporting everything to your new home without any damage. Most importantly of all, you want to make sure your children are safe as you make this major transition for your family. Consider the following tips to make your life easier as you get ready to relocate with your little ones.   Turn to the Professionals You’ll probably do the packing by yourself....

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Family Matters: How to Manage Family Finances

Even if you work a full-time job with overtime during the week, maintaining the household can be expensive. There is food to buy, rent or mortgage payments to make, utilities to keep on and children to support. These difficulties are compounded for many families who choose to have only one spouse work while the other stays home with children. Some days you might even think that the only way to make it work is to get rid of everything in your home and live a simpler life. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to manage...

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Rolling with the Punches: 5 Life Hiccups and How to Handle Them

We tend to not realize how well things are going until something bad happens. Life is full of unwanted surprises, and part of being an adult is understanding how to handle yourself when things get hectic. Here is a list of five ways life can throw you a curve ball, and how to handle them. Loss of Job If you have a job that allows you to pay your bills and enjoy your life, you should feel grateful. Should you find yourself out of work, you may be understandably upset, depending on the circumstances. The worst thing you can...

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Bee-ing Safe: 4 Things to Consider if Your Child Has Allergies

Parents worry about their kids, which is only natural, especially when kids have allergies. It is estimated that 40 percent of kids have some type of allergy, which is a big number. Whether you’re a new parent or you’ve already got some experience in this sector, if you think your child might have allergies its important to do everything you can to keep them from having a severe reaction. The following are a few things you should consider to help your child stay safe. Bug Spray One thing you should consider if your child is allergic to bug bites is having...

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