Shakuntali Siberia meets a lot of people with her work and travels. She always sees that a lot of these people have a lot of opportunities to be successful, as well as a lot of people who can help them to be successful to have money and be abundance. What is stopping them is the fear about failure and being unsuccessful. That doesn’t allow them to take this abundance, to act and to be active. Shakuntali Siberia is here to help with this. In this article Shakuntali Siberia will teach you an express method to get rid from Fear to be unsuccessful.

It is a very simple and efficient practice that Shakuntali Siberia shares here with you. To perform this practice you take your hands and connect all the fingertips, so that your hands are building the shape of a house roof. Put this mudra on your solar plexus. After this do inhale and feel how you get rid of all your fear with a strong exhale and feel how you cut all influences from outside of your solar plexus, from your abundance. Repeat this a few more times, until you feel more power, until you feel a vibration in your solar plexus chakra. Shakuntali Siberia recommends you to do this practice always when you feel fear or weakness and it will help you to be more successful every day. This method from Shakuntali Siberia is an expressed purification method to purify your manipura chakra from the fear from on successfulness.

Shakuntali Siberia teaches in her seminars that the solar plexus is the center, where the manipura chakra is and our personal power. With Shaluntali Siberia you learn as well, that you feel fear when some influences from outside going inside of our manipura chakra. Then you is possible that you will feel fear, that you feel week and small. But when you have power you’re power of the manipura chakra is big, it’s like a big sun shining. And in order that this sun which god gave us, that this power can shine and attract all the abundance, we need to purify the manipura chakra.
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