Brisbane, which is located on Australia’s eastern coastline is one of the best destinations for tourists searching for tropical beaches and outdoor activities. However, Brisbane has a lot to offer aside from having more than 280 sunny beach-worthy days. Brisbane also has a great nightlife with bars and pubs at almost every street corner.


If you enjoy listening to live music, you may have gone out of your homes a few nights in a week to hear emerging bands play and to unwind with a bottle of beer or two or a lot. However, drinking must be always done in moderation to prevent you from doing kinds of stuff that will end you in undesirable situations. One of these situations is having to call for an emergency locksmith in Brisbane to have your front doors opened because you have misplaced your keys, again.


We have all been in situations when our attention was distracted to cause us to forget our keys either inside or outside our homes and become locked out. Ending up in situations like this ends up in a waste of time and money since locksmiths may charge a hefty fee, especially during emergencies such as being locked out in the middle of the night. To prevent being locked out in the future, here are some tips that you can follow:


Switch to a Keyless Doorknob

If you often get locked out of your house as soon as you leave your home, then you need to switch to a keyless doorknob. With a keyless doorknob, the only way to lock your is to use your key to lock the deadbolt from the outside. This system of locking your door will make sure that you will always have your keys with you when you go out of your home; otherwise, you will not be able to lock your door.


Still, you will be able to lock your home from the inside with the same deadbolt system. However, if you feel that a doorknob without a lock is a downgrade for your door’s security, you can always add another deadbolt. It is best to have your trusted emergency locksmith in Brisbane install the keyless door knob system and the deadbolts for you.


Put an Extra Key in a Hidden Lock Box

Hiding an extra house key underneath pots, on top of the door jambs, and in fake or synthetic rocks is no longer safe since most robbers have figured this out already. Instead, you can insert a key inside a hidden lockbox and let your family members know the combination.


You may also have a heavy-duty wall mounted lock box installed by your local locksmith and leave an extra key inside just in case you misplace the one you are always carrying. This will also allow you to get inside your home if you misplaced your keys during a night out. That is if you are still sober to remember the passcode or combination.



Switching to Smart Lock Systems

Of course, you will not have a problem with being locked out at all if you switch to your front door locks into a smart lock system. Smart locks are the most convenient and secure way of locking your front door, and your trusted emergency locksmith in Brisbane experts can install them. However, if you still do not want to invest in a smart lock system, the above four practices will prevent you from or allow you to enter after being locked out.