How did you feel when you woke up this morning? For most of us, getting up every morning means one more day at the grind. While it is certainly important to have a schedule and a certain amount of stability, how long does it take before a comforting routine begins to feel more like a trap? If this describes you, you just might need to break out of your rut in a big way! This is where dressing up and hitting the town come in.

The truth of the matter is that that old phrase, “dress for success” is true, and it matters for more than one definition of success. For example, you know what it means to dress for success when you want to be respected at the office, but what does it mean when you are out to have a good time? Not only does dressing up affect the way that others see us, it also affects the ways that we see ourselves.

Take a moment to walk straight to your closet. What do your clothes say about you? Search through your closet until you find something that catches your eye. It might be something that you are saving for special occasions or it might be something that you used to wear more whenever you went out. Find that piece of clothing and put it on.

If there is no special occasion coming up, make one. Too many people feel awkward about having fun when there is no “good reason” to have fun. The truth of the matter is that fun is good for us. It makes us feel refreshed, it puts us back in touch with who we really are, and it also helps us get back to work when we need to.

When was the last time you really got dressed up for something? Many of us equate dressing up with good times, but then we run out of excuses to do so. It seems silly to simply dress up and sit around the house, so what about creating an occasion for it? When was the last time you got your friends together for a big blow out, and when was the last time you really treated your spouse like they were something special? Sometimes, the reason doesn’t need to be any bigger than that.

You’ll also find that sometimes, there are just things that need celebrations. For example, take a moment to think about what has been going on in your life. Are you someone who has recently done something worth celebrating? What about the people in your family? In some cases, there is a special occasion that is right under your nose. Don’t let it go unremarked.

If you want to make the night really special, consider hiring a limousine. A limousine is a special treat that is less expensive than you might think. Take a swing and get your friends together for a wild night on the town in a gorgeous car.

Think about how you felt this morning, and now think about how you are going to feel when you lie down tonight. If you want to make something magical and exciting happen, consider what it might take to get there. It can start with simply dressing up, and it can end with fantastic, romantic night on the town.

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