Accidents can be painful and devastating, at times leaving you unable to walk or make you entirely dependent on other people. Your Houston robotic-assisted knee replacement center can help you regain full or partial mobility, giving you a new chance in life. Dr. Bennett uses a combination of skills and technology to redefine your injured knee to give you another opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

How does traditional knee replacements work

Traditional knee replacement procedures use traditional methods to place guides on your thigh bone. Two bones in your legs help in mobility–the thigh bones and shin bones. When an accident shutters these bones, or disease attacks your legs, you may completely lose your ability to walk. Dr. Bennett directs surgical tools to the affected regions in your legs to remove the defective knee. A surgical tool removes the diseased or shuttered area and the procedure to place a new robotic knee begins. Advancement in technologies ensures a safe process with high precision to keep you going for a long time after the surgery.

Advanced robotic-assisted technologies

Advanced methods in knee replacement use the NAVIO system for partial knee replacement. The technology works alongside Dr. Bennett, who uses his skills and experience to give you the ability to walk again. The newer technology takes into consideration your anatomy, increasing the level of precision. Partial knee implants require replacements; however, you will feel and function normally with Dr. Bennett’s technology for a long time before booking another visit. The NAVIO system uses advanced computers to guide the installation of your new knee. Before the procedure, the doctor will collect data by taking measurements around your knee region and asking essential questions. The information will help create boundaries that will help insert the handpiece to remove your knees’ damaged parts. The handpiece will also help to balance your knee and insert the implants with higher accuracy. Dr. Bennett also has a software that determines the most accurate robotic knee implant for your leg.

IO system is an advancement in the way our orthopedic surgeons perform partial knee replacement. The system works in conjunction with our surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve the precise positioning of the knee implant based on each patient’s unique anatomy. This added level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the partial knee implant.

Common types of knee injuries

Knee injuries arise through accidents such as tears, sprains, pull on the muscles, or bone ligaments. The common injuries include:

  • Knee instability
  • Mencius tears
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Patellar dislocation
  • Posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Anterior cruciate ligaments

Common knee injury symptoms to watch out for

Pain and stiffness are some typical indications of an injured knee. Swelling and inability to stand up comfortably with your knee is another common symptom. When you experience such symptoms, visit Dr. Bennett, who will assess and recommend options for you.

There is hope after knee injury

Dr. Bennett uses different approaches to treat your injuries; he will discuss surgical treatments and determine if you need a robotic knee implant. Dr. Bennett offers an exciting chance and opportunity for those with knee issues. He will listen to your problem and recommend the most advanced procedures to help you regain your feet. Visit Dr. Bennett for this life-changing procedure. For other options and treatments available, you can book a slot with your doctor online or call the office for an appointment.