A ducted air conditioner is often expected to last for 15-20 years depending on the brand and quality. If maintained properly, it promises to stand by the durability. First, a huge investment and now the ongoing electricity bills. It is already high on costs. Replacing the existing AC with a new unit can hurt your pocket. To avoid this, regular ducted air conditioning repairs should be practiced. Here we provide you a quick guide on ducted air conditioning repairs. Let’s begin.

Signs Your Ducted AC Needs To Be Repaired

Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs

1. The air is not cool enough

If the AC does not cool down your room as per its standard temperature settings, it might be damaged.

2. The airflow has decreased

If you have started to spot a poor airflow, your AC’s efficiency might have decreased. It’s recommended to have proper ventilation in the home for a sufficient airflow.

3. The room gets moist

If you are experiencing high levels of humidity in your room even when the AC is wrong, it means the AC is not doing its job.

4. The room stinks

A bad odor in the room that is suspected to emerge from the AC is a sign that your AC needs a repair. The odor doesn’t necessarily has to be of a damaged power line.

5. It leaks water

Electrical appliances with cooling properties often tend to leak water as they turn old. This is usually because of failure in their cooling system.

6. It makes excessive noise

A premium quality AC comes with a low noise level. If your AC makes unusual sounds, there could be some internal damage. Do not wait for the noise to get unbearable and call for an AC repairing service.

Why Are Regular Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs Important?

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance

We know that summer is already getting to you. We are also sure that you don’t want to visit repairing centres every month to address a new issue with your AC. Your ducted AC needs a short treatment to work exactly like how it worked on the day you bought it.

1. Reduce hassle

A major problem in functioning of your AC can cost you an arm and a leg. To avoid this, first minor issues should be resolved first. If you decide to avoid your AC’s poor efficiency now, then you might have to face considerable hassle in future. In some cases, the owner is often suggested to buy a new appliance as their old one becomes difficult to fix.

2. Increase durability

Checking for AC’s expected durability and warranty policy during the purchase is not enough. To make sure that your AC works fine for years to come, you will need to look after its maintenance.

3. Improve performance

To secure your investment, an optimum performance by your AC is expected. Minor damages to the system may result in decreased efficiency. Such damages are usually fixed by small repairs.

Repair v/s Replacement 

Not all damages can be repaired. In some cases, Air conditioners need to be replaced because the malfunction cannot be fixed. This usually happens if the appliance is older than 12 years. If your A/C is asking for frequent repairs, then it may be the right time to get rid of it. In this case, the technicians will point out that your device is short on life. They will also make sure to remind you with the costs of repair and replacement.


Every machine requires regular maintenance for its system to operate well. It’s important to get ducted air conditioning repairs for the same. During the repairing service, a technician will first conduct a detailed inspection and then suggest the solution. Professionals who are specialised in faulty ducted A/C’s restoration know what suits your appliance.