Your living space reflects who you are. The walls resound your taste. Have you ever seen a wall that has been filled with art but looks unpleasant and uninviting? That’s because when you overcrowd or place paintings that don’t fit in the picture, the wall becomes dull, and you would even feel a sensation of suffocation.

Home décor is something all of us are excited about. But the real tension begins, when you don’t find the right piece or when it doesn’t go well with the interiors. In these cases, most people hire interior designers to do the job. But if you are willing to follow some tips and tricks, you can do it all by yourself.

  1. Go for oversized canvas paintings

Large wall paintings are a visual treat. If you have a massive wall in your house that gets most of the attraction, then it would be great if you hang an oversized canvas painting in the space. The pictures, however, should match with decors and if possible, should be of the same colour pallet as that of the home furnishing.

If you are up for paintings that contrast the home décor, then you must be very careful in choosing the colour palette of the painting. Some paintings won’t suit your home décor. Pictures with bold colours won’t easily match your interiors, and it is always safe to go with minimalistic paintings with light shades or pastel colours.

If you have decided, to go for an oversized canvas painting, make sure you don’t add any mini-paintings nearby. This can distract the beauty of the oversized painting and would look like you have overcrowded your wall.Landscape painting in an oversized canvas can change the complete ambience of your room.

  1. Patterns with canvas painting

Some people don’t settle with oversized paintings. If you are one among them, then it’s better to go with canvas paintings that can be arranged in a pattern. Collect pictures that resemble the same theme or colour palette. Try to form some designs either with the idea of the paintings or with the arts itself.

For example, if you have chosen paintings that reflect the beauty of nature, arrange it in the gradation of the colour pattern. Or try making some shapes with the painting. In this way, the series would have a meaning and would also look classy and elegant.

  1. Choose between contemporary paintings or abstract art

Abstract artworks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. These artworks can easily fit into your home décor. If you have a white wall without any texture works, then you can go for any abstract paintings. Whatever may the pattern or shapes be, it would easily fit into the wall. Contemporary paintings scream of unheard emotions and installing these into your walls can be a bit tricky.

If you plan to decorate your workspace, go for abstract art paintings. If you want to decorate your bedroom, go for a simple floral or minimalistic contemporary painting. In the living room, you can keep any one of these. But make sure you do not try too fit both forms into the same wall. Select a painting for the whole room and never try to mix and match two different art forms.

  1. Deciding the place to hang the art

Most of the people go wrong with the height of hanging the paintings on the wall. It is recommended to place the paintings in line of sight. Attaching the pictures too high or too low can make the wall look clumsy and uninviting even if you choose the right canvas.

  1. Positioning the paintings

If you are planning to hang a picture above the sofa or a table, you can neglect the line of sight rule. The art pieces must, either compliment the vibe of your room or should present a complete contrast to it. While most people go for minimalistic paintings to be on the safe side, you can even hang abstract art paintings. This depends on the furnishings of your house and can’t be accepted as a general rule.

Decorating your walls can be fun. If you do it yourself, the walls would scream your style and taste. The main advantage of using wall décor is that you can easily modify the walls whenever you want. Above all the tips and ideas, it is your instincts that are to be followed. After all, you are the one using the spaces.

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