If you have tried to appropriate pot lights spacing, you will know it can be tricky. For starters, the result isn’t all that matters. You have to pick the right pot light fixtures.


More importantly, you have to get the measurements right. Hectic, eh?


Good news: we can help you make the process easy. How?

We have the tips to guide you. With our guidance, you’d get the just-fit ambiance in a well-lit and comfortable room.


So, shall we begin?


3 Easy Steps You Should Follow For The Appropriate Pot Lights Spacing

Identify The End Goal

Before anything, you should ask yourself what purpose your lighting will fulfill. The answer from your self-inquiry would then help you decide on what kind of pot lightings you should get.


That said, here is a guide to help you:

  • Recessed Accent lighting – is for creating a focus on a specific item. These kinds are usually bright enough to highlight small areas within a room like your fireplace.


  • Recessed Ambient Lighting – is for creating a general emphasis. With this kind, you are focusing on the whole room rather than a small corner of it.


  • Recessed Task lighting – is similar to accent-lighting. The only difference here is that task-lighting helps you create more focus on your workplace. Instead of accenting a beautiful piece, task lighting creates more brightness to your workspace to enhance productivity.

An example of where to use this is your kitchen or bathroom.


Draw Out Your Plan

You already know what purpose you want to fulfill. The next phase is to plan towards it. But how do you do that?


Get practical by measuring your room!


Note: the “room” might not be a room per se. It could be an office or a warehouse. Just measure it!


After measuring, you can draft a rough outlay of your plan on a book. In that outlay, you will include the general dimensions of the room you plan to lit.


Next, pinpoint the vital areas of the room that might need lighting. This part is where you’d include:

  • The corners you want to accentuate with recessed accent-lighting, and
  • Your workplace that you’d brighten with a recessed task-lighting.


What if you don’t have any specific lighting needs?

Then, you can start your design from the center of the room to get an even brightness.


Perfect The Spacing

For this last stage, you will do a bit of mathematics. Don’t fret; it’s simple!


Here is what you will do:

Calculate the height of your ceiling. Got it? Yes? Now, divide that by “2.”


The answer you get from such calculation is the space you’d leave between the pot lights. Simple, eh?


However, note that the calculation above is for the recessed ambient lighting. For task-based needs, the specializations require a bit more work and creativity.


Nevertheless, you can yet use the approach. How?

Take your kitchen as an example. You can measure the height of your cabinet underside from the basin. Then you’d divide the result by “2” and space away.


That’s it. You have improved the lighting of your home, as well as its appeal.


Last note: you can always hire potlight installation expert to ease the process for you.