Varieties of dental services have emerged due to the growth of technology in the modern world. The way specialists conducted dental services a century ago is not the same way they are performing in the current century. Dental experts provide services like oral treatment using the most comfortable dentistry techniques.

These techniques are done according to the type of services to be conducted. If you need a dentist in Bronx, look no further than Dr. Nishita Gandhi to perform dental services such as teeth restoration, cleaning, oral surgeries, and others.  Below are examples of dental services to keep your oral hygiene perfect.

Common Types of Dental Service

There are many dental procedures available in the dental world. Some of these services include:

  • Gum surgery. Gum diseases are infections that alter your gum and jaw, and they can lead to loss of teeth. Gingivitis is an example of a gum infection that is more severe than periodontitis.
  • Root canal. Root canal treats cracked, decayed, and injured teeth by cleaning and removing infected tissues between them. A putty-like component is used to seal the cracks or the decayed spots to prevent the infection from spreading on the healthy teeth. Sealed cracks also help your teeth from drifting out of their line, which can cause jaw problems.
  • Teeth whitening. It is a cosmetic service that is performed for beauty purposes. Beverages like coffee and tea darken your teeth. Smoking and drugs like tetracycline also change the appearance of your teeth. The whitening is done either in-office or with home bleaching.
  • Bridges and implants. These types of services involve the replacement of lost teeth or tooth. Dental implants make use of an artificial root that is screwed in the gap to support the crown. Bridges do not support artificial roots like implants. Two crowns of your real teeth are used to support the false crown placed in the gap.
  • Laser gum treatment. Dentists use lasers to alter and remove non-recommended tissues from the gum. They also use the laser to whiten teeth, remove extra gum tissues, and reshape the jaws.

What are the causes of dental disorders?
Many causes, such as accidents, can affect your dental health. Smoking is the number one factor that destroys your teeth. Smoking accumulates bacteria forming a colorless plaque on teeth. When the plaque is not cleaned out of the teeth, it creates a layer called tartar that is hard to remove. The dentist removes the tartar through bleaching.
Some severe diseases and medication can cause dental problems. Diabetes causes hormonal change, and some medicines like AIDS drugs lessen the flow of saliva, thus affecting your dental health. Genetic variation also alters the growing of your teeth, leading to misarrangements of teeth. The following are symptoms that occur when you have dental problems.
Some Symptoms That Call For Dental Servicing
Symptoms include:

  • Prolonged bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Red and swollen gum
  • Bleeding of gum, especially when brushing

Implementing good oral habits leads to good oral health and creates firm confidence when you face your loved ones. Clean teeth give you a friendly smile and also keep you free from heart problems. It is vital to visit a dentist at least twice a year to know your oral status. Nishita Gandhi, DDS is a specialist in performing dental services for your optimal oral health.