When you hear the words “security guard” what comes to mind? Do you conjure up images of buff, burly, mean spirited, men? Do you picture an overweight middle-aged man with a doughnut in his mouth? If one of these descriptions sounds similar to the picture in your mind, it is time to reconsider your view of security guards.

Due to your own personal experiences, as well as the influence of television, media, and others, it is easy to develop a perception that is not an accurate representation of security guards. Delve deeper and you will discover, security guards are much more than the common myth portrays. Learn more about the security industry and toss your preconceived notions aside.

Women Can’t Be Security Guards

While the security field in general is a predominantly male dominated, there is still a hefty representation of women. Many people falsely believe that women aren’t in the security field or are incapable of being security guards. This is a false belief as current statistics present a very different picture boasting of 23 percent of security professionals being women.

Fit and Tall

Many people falsely assume all security guards should have substantial stature and big, burly muscles, in order to be effective. However, this is not entirely true. While muscular guards can appear scary and help prevent incidents from occurring, it is also important for guards to be astute and aware to surrounding threats. Additionally, having a clear head in emergencies is also of critical importance. Believe it or not, in some situations business owners don’t want a scary, brooding guard as the guard functions to help customers or even welcome them to their store. Simply put, there is a need for a range of different personalities, builds, and approaches depending upon the unique situation and application of guard services.

Anyone Can Do It

People often wrongly assume that becoming a security guard is easy and requires no education. The converse is true. Guards must complete training requirements and be certified/licensed before working in this field. Furthermore, the day to day tasks of security are both trying and at times dangerous. A security guard is the first person on scene when violence, crime, or emergencies happen. Therefore, they are required to adeptly handle a variety of different situations and keep those under their care safe until law enforcement and other emergency personnel arrive on scene.

Only Lazy People Are Guards and They Do Meaningless Work

Due to negative portrayal of guards via media, many people have a unfavorable perception regarding the importance of security guards in real life. Guards are hired to protect, and they must be effective, alert, and efficient if they are to keep their job. They are quite the opposite of lazy. When emergencies/incidents happen, they must respond immediately; thus, keeping them vigilant to potential threats. They are often the unsung heroes ensuring your safety.

I Can’t Afford It

Many people think security guards are only useful in corporate settings. This is simply not true. Security guards are helpful and necessary in various different settings, even for the small business owner. Typically, pricing reflects the service rendered, with affordable packages available for security utilized on a smaller scale. Consider the benefits and costs savings of reduced shop lifting, break-ins, and other crimes and you will likely discover the benefits far outweigh the costs. If you are in need of a security guard company in Dallas check out the highlighted link provided.