Author: Brooke Chaplan

4 Ways to Prevent Teen Drivers from Costing You a Bundle of Cash

If you have a teenager who has recently obtained their license or is about to, then you know to expect higher insurance rates. After all, a younger driver is by nature a more inexperienced driver, and insurance companies know better than to take chances in that regard. In 2013, over 2,000 teen drivers were killed in auto accidents and nearly a quarter of a million were injured. Many of these deaths and accidents can be attributed to negligence on the driver’s part, such as being distracted by other stimuli or driving over the speed limit. However, having a teen...

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Growing Up: Adult Achievements For 20-Somethings

For many, life truly begins in their 20s. You’ve moved out of your parents’ place, you’re putting the finishing touches on school, and you’re ready to enter the true world of adulthood. It’s a time to leave behind a life of partying and supervision for a world of responsibility and looking to the future. Below is a list of a few of the defining achievements for 20-somethings that many consider a rite of passage into adulthood.   Starting a Career Before your 20s, work consisted of part-time jobs flipping burgers or cleaning up after others. Making the transition from...

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High Flying Careers And What Keeps Them Airborne

High flying careers are not only about piloting planes or helicopters as the diversification within the flying industry has expanded career possibilities in the air and on the ground. With a burgeoning interest in aeronautics and the opportunities available, there are no limits in the range of careers available to those who love flight.   Planes A career as a pilot can take different paths that are exciting, adventurous and fulfilling. Whether a bush pilot in Alaska, a slurry bomber passing over a raging forest fire in the Northwest, or a commercial airline pilot traveling to all corners of...

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How To Create A Vacation Experience While Staying In Town

The amount Americans spend on family vacations is rising, and travel costs are no small part of the reason why. It’s more expensive than ever to fly, and even falling gas prices haven’t made it cheap to go out of state. That’s why so many people have begun taking “staycations”, finding what there is to offer in their own hometowns. If you’re willing to put in a little work, you might find that there’s plenty to do around you. Below are a few tips you can use to create a wonderful vacation experience without ever getting on the road....

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4 Winter Worries Worse Than The Common Cold

Winter and the common cold seem to go hand-in-hand. While this pesky virus results in an unpleasant time, you can be relieved to know it usually goes away in a few days. There are lots of other, worse problems associated with the cold weather to worry about.   Getting Stuck In Snow It happens every winter; that dreaded moment when you can feel the wheels turning but the car is not moving. Yes, you’ve gotten stuck in the snow. Or maybe the car has even gotten trapped up on a big chunk of ice. This worry can leave you...

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