Author: Brooke Chaplan

Chronic Care: 4 Accessibility Innovations For Long-Term Patients

Patients who have suffered a permanent loss of mobility, as well as those whose movements may be restricted due to a long-term recovery process, are faced with many challenges. Access to the full range of available life and mobility-assistance devices that are currently available may alleviate much of the demand placed on care providers while ensuring that patients are able to enjoy greater comfort and an expanded range of options or opportunities. From a simple adjustable bed to the installation of an electric stair chair or lift, the following options serve to showcase some of the most essential and...

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Dream Building: 4 Ways To Fulfill Your House Fantasies

You’ve obsessed over HGTV and Pinterest. You’ve visited countless home improvement stores, furniture showrooms, and stone yards in search of the perfect finishing touches. You’re getting ready to build your dream house. Here are 4 ways you can fulfill your dream home wish list:   Personalize your space Make your mark on your home by personalizing your space with some fantastic, one-of-a-kind artwork. Perhaps the family name or a family tree would suit you. Or maybe a portrait of your pet. Large canvas or framed prints add interest to a home. Bespoke artwork is just one way to ensure...

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3 Ways To Help Your Pets Acclimate To A New Home

Moving is very stressful for humans and for pets. If you are moving into a new home and are not sure how to help your pets acclimate, there are several ways of getting your pet used to the new place. While all pets have their unique personalities and might respond a little differently, the following methods are commonly used and are likely to work for most pets.   Make packing stress-free. Give yourself and your pets plenty of time to pack. Pets pick up on environmental changes, so it can help to keep pets in a room where things...

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4 Major Ways Your Home Will Affect Your Life

It’s very true that home is where the heart is. Owning a home doesn’t just give you a permanent residence to call your own, it will shape the course of your life. Here are a few of the major ways home ownership will affect your life:   Lifelong Friendships There are good neighbors (they bring you soup when you’re ill) and bad neighbors (they blare music at all hours and toss empty beer cans over your fence), but the people who live close to you and your family can become and remain your closest friends. Neighbors go through a...

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4 Services You NEED to Pay Someone to Do

Doing work by yourself can save money, and many home and office tasks are doable without specific training or expertise. Some tasks, however, are simply beyond what most people can accomplish safely or effectively. Here are four services you need to pay someone to do.   Electrical Work While it might be tempting to try to save on electrical expenses, hiring a certified expert is essential for even seemingly minor electrical tasks. In most areas, electrical tasks must be performed by a certified electrician, and failing to do so can result in costly fines. More importantly, small mistakes when...

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