We all know the value of renting a storage unit. They provide you with extra space to store your personal valuables and even business-related items. While the number one rule for efficient storage units is the organization, sometimes junk can accumulate faster than anticipated. By the time you notice the mess, cleaning the storage unit becomes difficult, especially if it has bulky or large items. But how do you address the elephant in the room? Well, the following tips will help clean your storage unit efficiently.

Take Inventory
First and foremost, you need to take an inventory of all the items that are in your storage unit. Having a checklist of these items helps you know what you’ll need and what to do away with. Note that if you have a large number of items, the chances of you forgetting them is high. You can either count on the boxes or make a running list of everything you can see. It may help to create categorical groups within your lists to stay organized. Alternatively, you could label each box with text or color-coded stickers. Find a system that makes sense to you and will be easy for you to navigate.

After you have a thorough understanding of what’s in your storage unit, you now need to develop a solid plan. Using the list from above, you can create a column of items you still want to keep, those that you want to donate or sell, and lastly, those that can be recycled. For instance, if your storage unit has broken vehicles or spare parts, you may want to sell them to an unwanted car buyer in your area. Either way, be sure to break the cleanout plan into smaller, manageable chunks.

Seek Help
Truth be told, cleaning a storage unit is never an easy task. If you decide to do it by yourself, the chances of you experiencing serious burnout are high. Depending on the size of your storage space, it can be helpful to seek help from a family member or friend to assist in cleaning. As long as there is another helping hand, you can always divide the chores to lighten the burden and possibly make the activity more fun. For instance, you can focus on unpacking and labeling as your colleague does the rearranging and organizing.

Use Creative Cleaning Techniques
There are plenty of ways to have your storage unit cleaned. It’s up to you to select the most creative and efficient means. For instance, you can decide to eliminate dust, dirt, and other unwanted items by decluttering, mopping, and vacuum cleaning, sweeping, or disinfecting the room. Depending on your chosen cleaning method, you can pay attention to floors, walls, shelves, furniture, and totes.

Cleaning a storage unit is always a difficult activity. Since it stores your valuables, it becomes your responsibility to ensure it’s cleaned and organized properly. That’s said, if you want to do the cleaning in an efficient and easy way, you can consider using the above-mentioned tips.

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