Snagging the perfect property sounds like a dream come true, right? And sadly, in most cases, it is. And that’s why you need a reputable home inspector to help you assess the property and provide you with full information regarding the same. With most sellers pitching their properties with the respective sales pitch, it can often be hard to get to the truth. And naturally, if you are aiming to purchase a specific property, you need a reputable person on whom you can depend to provide you the truth. Here are the 5 things to look for, when it comes to a home inspection.


When it comes to Home inspection in Brevard County, one of the first things that your inspector would do the moment he sets his foot on the property would be to take accurate measurements. He would ascertain the measurements of every room, nook, and cranny. One of the reasons this is usually done is to check and see that the physical dimensions are as stated, with nary a change. And the other reason for getting the measurements done is to ensure that all your furniture fits in comfortably, in each room.

Leaks and seepages

As the inspector moves ahead with his home inspection, he is bound to pay attention to any water seepages, stagnation, and even the water stains on the walls, And that’s predominantly because water seepages can often turn out to be a deal killer, with good reason. If there are leaks on the roof, water would seep onto the walls. And prolonged leaks will lead to water stains and this is bound to affect the structure and even the very foundation as well.

Cracks on the wall

When it comes to actual home inspections, the inspector often flags the issues and would list them out to you in the form of a detailed report. And usually, more often than not, cracks on the walls or a missing windowpane or two are bound to get listed. Cracks on the walls are usually minor and you can use this information as a negotiating tool, to try and bring the purchase price further down.


One of the main items that all inspectors would focus on is plumbing. Plumbing is crucial and as a buyer, you would want to make sure that the property has no plumbing issues whatsoever. The inspector would ensure the plumbing on the property works fine with no pipe leaks being reported either.
Electricity: Electricity is a critical issue and one which you can ask the home inspector to assess carefully. The inspector would then move on to check the electrical systems all over the home, to ensure that they all work without any issue. And in case the property utilizes solar-powered electricity, you can get it checked out by the right technical people, to ensure that all of it works just fine.

These are some of the things that you can look for for a home inspection in Brevard County.

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