A large number of reality television shows are dedicated to taking the individual’s BTS (behind the scenes) of catastrophic residence renovation projects – projects that have spiralled down and turned into a cavernous money pit.

However, while they certainly would not be considered a part of the must-see-TV, substandard office renovations are more appalling. The businesses have to regulate not only the runaway costs, but they also must work to fix their damaged reputation and offer sincere apologies to dissatisfied customers and disrupted employees.

Mentioned below are the top five office renovation mistakes and the smartest and simplest ways to keep them at bay.

  1. No Definite PIM System

According to a renowned Thailand exhibition booth builder, a definite PIM or project integration management system is mandatory for renovations, no matter of what size they are and how complex or simple they may seem.

Anyone who saw an office renovation project going sideways knows how costly and exasperating this may become. Collaboration with a qualified interior specialist here is a wise investment. It ensures that the plan formulated is executed, controlled, and finished without any hassle.

  1. Not Including Employees

Many businesses tend to neglect the fact that renovations pave the way for engaging employees and get them inspired as well as excited about the impending alterations. All the suggestions meted out by the employees will not materialise (there will be no room for a ping pong table, television, or foosball – sorry). However, many suggestions, especially if related to materials, designs, and colours, will be operative.

  1. Choose DIY Route

DIY (do it yourself) in the milieu of office renovations does not mean the administrators, CEOs, and other professionals trade their suits for a tool belt and coverall. It means that some organisations believe in hiring from the staff to manage the project in hand.

Now that may appear practical on the paper; the reality is unfortunately different. In most DIY office renovations, deadlines are missed, milestones are not accomplished, and conflict, chaos, and confusion erupt.

  1. No Permit

Regardless of the location of the office, to renovate it, the owner must procure a permit. If one works without a permit, he/she is outright violating the laws of a state or country. On getting caught, please be prepared to irreversible consequences. Why put yourself in a mess that can destroy your dreams forever, right? Ask a licensed contractor to get the permit beforehand, and then start incorporating whatever you wish.

  1. Not Leveraging Cost-Effective Opportunities

There are several ways to keep the office renovation costs in check and within the set budget. One may exploit their profound design knowledge to optimize the available space and apply value engineering techniques and tools to see how even the littlest adjustments can contribute to cost reductions. The organisations that do not have in-house expert resources to leverage cost-effective opportunities or that do not agree to rely on an interior specialist often end up paying more.

To avoid the mistakes stated above, make sure to seek third-party assistance. Hire someone like the Thailand offices renovation contractor, who implements the most innovative strategies to change a space’s interior as well as exterior. Before finalising the decision, please carry out a comprehensive background check.