Top ortho implant companies in India provides a wide range of orthopedic implants for external fixation. External fixator manufacturers are supplying useful devices to treat fractures such as open fractures, closed fractures, and multi-trauma fractures and microlock for hand fractures.

External fixation in open fractures

In open fractures, external fixation is the only alternative for skeletal fixation. External fixation is the best device to control and manage such injuries as it has many good reasons such as it allows the traumatic insertion, avoids further damage to the vascularity of bone, and the soft-tissues which are already hazarded due to the injury. So the application of a fixator with the modular technique is advisable. Thus there will be no need to apply retractors and bone forceps. Moreover, it is quickly used in the case of an emergency such as in a hemodynamically unstable patient. A pointed reduction clamp can be used in long oblique spiral fractures. It can temporarily hold the reduction during the alignment and tightening of the fixator. The use of lag screws in the open fracture is not common. They are used in a long oblique spiral fracture or the case of a large well-vascularized third fragment. A pinless fixator is a good option for a tibial fracture. Because its medullary canal is not penetrated as the forceps are fixed in the cortex. Although pinless fixation is considered less stable it allows riskless intramedullary nailing. For more info small Business.

External Fixation in multi-trauma

To start with external fixation is the best way to stabilize multiple fractures as it is less invasive. Excluding the proximal femur or humerus, external fixation can be used in every long bone fracture. Its major positive point is that it allows fast stability which controls the pain, reduces bleeding, and makes nursing care easy.

External fixation in children’s fractures

External fixation is useful in children’s fracture whether it is a case of multi-trauma or not. It is used particularly in the lower limb open fracture. Small external fixator or implants will be firm enough on the tibia or humerus so there is no requirement of using a growth plate with a pin.

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