Sweet, low key and small backyard weddings are romantic and cost a lot less than a full-blown big wedding. In this day and age where a lot of couples prefer to save money than spend it, DIY backyard weddings are becoming a major trend. This usually involves the bride and her bridesmaids doing everything themselves to cut back on expenses.

While there is nothing wrong with stringing up wedding favors yourself and decorating the backyard without professional help, there’s one aspect that should never be left up to chance: the food. Even the smallest of weddings should invest in hiring a catering Chantilly VA company. If you’re still debating if it is worth it, here are a few good reasons that might just help you decide:

Reason #1: Less Stress

What bride or groom wants to spend the day and night before their big wedding in the kitchen preparing the food? None. It is unnecessary stress that is better off handled by a professional local caterer. Otherwise, you will find yourself running around, stressed out beyond belief, trying to finish cooking while at the same time getting ready.

It’s just not worth it to do every single thing by yourself.

Reason #2: Doesn’t Impose On Others

Asking a good friend or close family member to do all the cooking for your big day is a big imposition. Although they might say okay out of obligation, there can be a lot of resentment. They won’t be able to enjoy the wedding festivities because they will be worried about the food. Don’t put that kind of burden on someone’s shoulders, especially if you don’t plan on paying them.

Reason #3: Safe, Delicious, And Affordable

Despite what you may think, hiring the catering Chantilly VA company doesn’t have to be too expensive. You and your partner can choose and customize a wedding menu that fits your budget. When you trust a professional and experienced catering company to all the preparations and cooking, you will know that it was prepared with the utmost care to ensure food safety.

Plus, you can always request to schedule a taste test of possible menu items to ensure that everything served on your wedding day is delicious.

Reason #4: Food Served On Time

With a caterer handling the food service portion of the wedding, you are guaranteed that your guests will get to eat on time. Trying to do everything yourself, even with the help of several family members is bound to lead to disaster, delays, and a lot of hungry guests.

Professional catering companies know how important it is to serve food on time. Without any delays, your guests won’t get cranky and will ultimately have fond memories of your wedding.

Reason #5: No Messy Clean Up

After the wedding reception ends you just want to rest with your spouse. Preparing and cooking everything yourself means having to deal with the dirty dishes. No one wants to go through that horror, especially on their wedding night. A catering crew will sweep up, clean, and deal with the dishes so you don’t have to!

Saint Germain can handle you catering Chantilly VA needs. Whether you’re having a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, we got your back covered! Contact us today and let’s start planning.