Deciding to divorce is a significant decision that leaves most couples anxious and afraid of what the next life holds. Unknown to most people, divorce is a tough process that involves more than just submitting a complaint to the court.

Research shows that people who get divorced find themselves no happier than they were before getting a divorce. For this reason, it’s best to consider some things before getting a divorce.

Here are some top things to consider before getting a divorce.


Emotional Connection

It’s easy to let emotions cloud your judgement, and this may lead you to file for a divorce. However, this is a decision you want to make after exhausting all hopes of reconciliation. Remember that it is hard to revert after making this decision. What’s more, the court can allow divorce even if it’s only one partner who wants to annul the marriage.


Your Finances

Most people are driven to file for divorce purely for emotional reasons. However, many forget to think about what life will be without their partner and if they can manage to support themselves. Alimony in most cases is not guaranteed nor is it permanent. Be sure to check out where your credit debt stands and your means of income.

Talking to a financial adviser can help you determine where you’re headed financially. Remember that divorce takes a toll on both parties financially. An attorney can guide you on what you may be entitled to, walk you through child support guidelines, and prepare you in case of any surprises from your spouse.


Take Your Kids into Consideration

You’ve previously seen celebrities who after divorcing commit to parenting their kids together. While this may sound good on paper, in reality, it’s a difficult decision for both parents to be on the same side about parenting. Studies prove that divorce can hurt your children welfare. Remember that your kids are counting on you and every decision you make is likely to affect them.


Talk to an Attorney

Do not rush to file for divorce before speaking to a salt lake city divorce lawyer. You want to work with a lawyer who understands your goals for litigation and one that you can comfortably communicate with. Choose an attorney with a wealth of experience if you anticipate a messy divorce or a divorce that deals with a particular type of assets. Avoid working with lawyers who offer solutions before hearing your side of the story. Some are only interested in getting your money and not offering you a lasting solution.


Your Living Situation

Before you consider getting a divorce, decide on where you want to live in while handling the divorce. The way you react in the months leading to your divorce can interfere with your chances of getting ownership of the marital home. It’s best to talk to an attorney about the best way to handle this situation to improve your chances in court.


Custody of the Children

After a divorce, you may be forced to share your kids, or one spouse may be awarded custody. It’s best to psychologically prepare yourself for this eventuality. You’ll need time to adjust to these changes if the court grants a 50/50 split.


Getting into a Relationship

Even if you are separated from your spouse, do not rush to start a new relationship until the paperwork is complete. A new relationship could signal adultery, and this could affect your case in court. Phone records, email, and computer records could be used to prove infidelity.

Divorce is an overwhelming and emotional journey. Consider the above points before deciding to file for divorce. Consult an experienced attorney to explore available divorce options.