With the holiday season just around the corner, families are looking for some fun activity to do together that involves every member and enables them to bond as well as enjoy at the same time. They are on the hunt for ways to recreate beyond the traditional board-games, indoor games, or TV. Something which is fun and adventurous and doesn’t cost them their leg or arm! That is where Escape rooms come in.

So, what are escape rooms? Answer: it is a 60- minute real-life adventure game that has a specific theme. You need to solve the hidden clues and challenging puzzles to win the game and make a successful exit. Teamwork and cooperativeness are an essential component to succeed in this game.

Escape rooms are the best way to continue the legacy of ‘family game-night’ without the need to endure the boring board-games. They are an amazing source of entertainment and are suitable for all ages.

With the increasing workload and hectic schedules of the members of a family, they are unable to spend quality time together. Everyone ranging from school going teenagers to grown-up adults has started living a mechanical lifestyle. They are stopped giving time to their selves and are just doing the same activities every day without stopping.

Escape rooms are a perfect refuge from this mundane lifestyle and are a great way to rejuvenate ourselves.

Escape rooms allow the families to use their brains and skills in an unusual and exciting manner and collectively solve quizzes and puzzles.

Here are some reasons why it is an absolute necessity to take your family to an escape room:

To bond with your loved ones:

Escape rooms are great for children above 12 to adults. This means that the whole family can come together and bond. According to sociologists, the quality time spent with your family is more important than quantity.

The conversations between families while playing a game help create true connections that aids families in building stronger relationships. During this course of 60 minutes, you continually interact with your loved ones while working towards a common goal; this invokes a sense of confidence and trust for each other, which no other source of recreation can create. Therefore, an escape room provides the perfect environment for you to bring your family and spend quality time with them.

To come out of the virtual world:

In this new era of mobile phones and video games, everyone has started living in a virtual world leading to a virtual birthday celebration, and completely forgot what it felt like to live in the real world. Usually, everyone is preoccupied with their work, and when they are not working, they are using their mobile phones. Escape room adventures enable you to get away from all these distractions for an hour as no electronic device is allowed inside an escape room.  Therefore, the whole family needs to fully concentrate on the game and pay their full attention to the puzzles and quizzes in hand.

To have active involvement from everyone in the family:

Escape rooms require everyone to participate actively in the game. No one can be a passive participant in an escape game. All the players need to put their heads together to come up with a winning strategy. The deadline often makes players multi-task and form teams within a team to solve the puzzles on time to win. Thus, to beat the time limit, all members of a family come together in-action to win an escape.

To communicate with each other:

To solve a mystery, all members must share their theories, plausible answers to the questions at hand, and solutions to the clues with each other. This enables the family to communicate with one another and essentially, appreciate each other’s skills.

This also gives parents an opportunity to show their children that they hear them and value their opinions. This aids in intergenerational communication and helps the parents talk with their teen-kids, which in turn creates a stronger bond.

To understand each other’s hidden potentials:

Escape rooms require the use of a lot of skills such as careful-observation, critical thinking, verbal communication, thinking out of the box, puzzle-solving, focus, memory,

time-management, patience, calmness, organization, and the list go on and on. Therefore, these games don’t favor one particular person’s skill set.

These games require individual skills to be utilized along with the group-skills. Someone might be good with pattern recognition, while others might excel at puzzle solving. Escape rooms give everyone an equal opportunity to shine and also uncover everyone’s hidden specialties.

To enjoy and have fun:

To conclude, escape rooms have the potential to be a fun activity for everyone in the family. They are a great way to bond and spend quality time while doing something adventurous and fun.

You can have the time of your life with your loved ones and create lasting memories.