Some couples say that their relationships began to change after getting married. Before, they were very happy in each other’s presence. Since married couples stay under the same roof, they end up fighting all the time. Although the first few years are your honeymoon phase, it might not turn out the way you hoped. Despite that, you have to stay positive. It will be a challenge at first, but you can get through it together.

Avoid making long-term plans

You just got married. You still have several years to plan your life together as a couple. Never rush things by planning long-term. Stop thinking about building a house or starting a family. You need to enjoy each other first. You will eventually think about doing other things to take your relationship to another level. There’s no timeline to follow. Take it easy and allow things to happen organically.  Once you find the right person, you will look forward to your wedding day. You know that the wedding is the beginning of the wonderful life that you will share together.

Don’t have a lavish wedding

If you can’t afford to have an expensive wedding, you don’t have to do it. You can have a simple and intimate wedding with the important people in your life. If you force yourself to spend a lot on your wedding day, you could end up in big financial trouble as your actual married life begins. Besides, you also have other expenses to consider as you start living together. Be smart in determining how much to spend.

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Be patient

When you get married, you might discover the personality of your partner that you never knew before. It’s okay if you have disagreements. You shouldn’t stress out if you discover a bad attitude. You have to be more patient as you start your married life. You will find a lot more terrible things along the way. If you give up this early, it could get worse in the future.

Don’t compare yourself with others

You might also know other people who got married just like you. They might seem happy each time you go out with them. You can be happy for them, without getting jealous with their life. Besides, you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. Avoid comparing what you have with them. Your marriage isn’t a competition with others. It’s a journey and you have to work on it as a couple. If there are lots of bumps along the way, you have to get over them together.

You deserve to have a happy married life because you waited so long to have it. If there are issues, you need to be patient and think that all other newly married couples go through them.