If you are a summer bride, you will have some wonderful choices for your wedding flowers. Picking the best flowers for your wedding is about more than just what looks beautiful, however; it is also important to select blossoms that will be hardy on a hot summer day. Learn which flowers are especially good for summer weddings, and how to keep them looking their best all day long.

Roses are as traditional for a June wedding as lace and pearl jewelry for the bride. It is no accident that the rose is a symbol of June; they also fare well in the heat. A classic nosegay of pink or white roses is an absolutely lovely bouquet for a June bride. Of course, roses also come in many other colors, including lilac, yellow, orange, and red. They combine very well with hydrangeas for a pretty floral arrangement with nice texture. To keep your bouquet looking beautiful, stash it in a vase of water when you are not carrying it. After the wedding, just hang your bouquet upside down to dry it, and you will have it as a keepsake for quite a while to enjoy.

Do you know the expression “fresh as a daisy”? Well, if you choose daisies for your summer wedding, you can expect them to hold true to that old saying. Daisies are a great flower choice when the weather is hot and sticky. Cheerful white and yellow daisies are simple and pretty clustered informally into Mason jars for a country reception. Colorful gerbera daisies are excellent when you want to add vibrant hues to your bouquets or centerpieces. A wreath of daisies is an adorable choice for the flower girl.

For something more elegant, consider using orchids for your summer wedding. As tropical flowers, they are well suited to a hot steamy day. Orchids are available in quite a few varieties, including cymbidium, dendrobium, and mokara. They also come in a spectacular array of colors, from classic white to bright lime green and electric purplish-blue. Bright purple and magenta orchids make wonderful bouquets for a beach wedding. A cascade of classic white orchids would be magnificent for the bride wearing a silk wedding gown with formal wedding jewelry. The lime green cymbidium orchids combine wonderfully with that other favorite summer flower, roses.

If you enjoy big bright flowers, orange tiger lilies are another hardy blossom for your summertime nuptials. Their large blooms mean that you do not need a lot of stems to make an impact. Tiger lilies are interesting, because they can work equally well for weddings that are formal, beachy, or laid back, depending how they are displayed. One important thing to know about lilies is that they contain an orange pollen that can stain anything it touches. Be sure to instruct your florist to strip the pollen off the stamen of the lilies so it doesn’t make a mess. This is especially important for lilies that will be carried in bouquets, as the pollen would leave a mark on the bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses.

There are many additional beautiful and hardy flower options for summer weddings. Tall stocks come in very pretty shades of pink, purple, and blue, and work very well to add height in centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. Sunflowers are a marvelous flower for a late summer wedding, as their deep yellow and brown color form a great bridge into the coming autumn season. Finally, keep in mind that flowers which grow well naturally in your climate will tend to be fairly well suited to the weather in your area, with the exception of flowers like lilacs, which wilt very quickly when cut. Your florist should definitely be able to help you design centerpieces and bouquets which will stay looking fabulous all throughout your summer wedding.

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