There was a time when losing a purse or wallet would be the biggest disaster any individual could imagine befalling them. Today, most people would be more concerned about losing their phone or access to their online accounts, and for good reason. Your digital data can leave you open to cybercrime that’ll target your bank accounts. Here are a few pointers on how to keep your digital assets safe.


While credit cards can be cancelled and bank accounts frozen with a couple of phone calls, most people would be unable to contact friends or even members of their family in the event of loss as all the necessary numbers are stored on their handsets.

Having an email or social media account hijacked can be equally disastrous. Losing the ability to send or receive messages or enter updates onto your news feed is, for many, unthinkable. If you want to ensure your digital life stays safe, you need to treat all of your digital assets with the same care and attention that you treat your most treasured possessions.

Avoid logging into to public wi-fi networks that don’t require passwords as you risk your details being leaked to third parties. You should also be wary of apps from third-party stores that ask for excessive permissions before they will install themselves onto your phone. Check through your apps on a regular basis and delete any you do not need.

Get a password manager

The heart of any good digital security policy is a strong password. With most people having access to multiple online accounts these days, the great temptation is to use one password for absolutely everything.

This is a huge mistake as a data breach on one site then leaves all of your digital life exposed. As such data breaches often take months and sometimes even years to be made public, you will not become aware of the threat until it is already too late. Even if there is no breach, a simple act such as sharing the password for your streaming service with a friend can lead to your accounts being compromised.

The way to address the issues is to make use of a password manager application. The best ones on the market are not only free but will generate incredibly strong passwords for all the sites you need to access, storing them securely and logging you in automatically each time.

Don’t forget the physical threat

Always bear in mind that your digital assets are not only located in the cloud, they can also be physical as in the smartphone you carry in your pocket. In addition to protecting your phone from casual thieves by enabling the lock screen and ensuring your “find my phone” app is activated, you should also consider purchasing a quality case, such as those manufactured by Custom Envy, to reduce the chance of dropping your phone leading to a cracked screen.

If you are prone to leaving your phone behind or misplacing it, consider purchasing one of the many devices that you can keep on your person which will sound an alarm if you stray too far from your phone at any time. This can be handy not just for ensuring your device is always with you whenever you need it, but also as an additional protective measure against theft.