Since last March 14, World has been in a state of alarm to stop the wave of infections caused by the Covid-19 virus . Among the orders that are established in Royal Decree 463/2020, the population must, as far as possible, stay home and follow the necessary preventive measures, such as washing their hands and keeping a meter and a half away, to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Despite the restrictions, the increase in infections continues to increase in Spain, so last Wednesday Congress approved Pedro Sánchez’s request to extend the state of alarm by 15 more days until April 11.4

Faced with this situation, many citizens have stopped going to their work centers because they can continue to carry out their activity from home and others have been directly affected by the closure of the businesses in which they are employed. In the same way, there are no longer school trips nor other types of outings that would be usual in a normal situation.

But just because we stay home doesn’t mean we can neglect our vehicles throughout the lockdown . These need maintenance , especially when they are inactive. It will also not hurt to take advantage of these days to do a general review and save yourself unnecessary scares when everything returns to normal.

We already wrote about car maintenance , now we leave you with a series of tips so that your motorcycle can overcome confinement without problems and can roll calmly when the quarantine is over.

Disconnect the battery

You may not know that an unused vehicle also consumes battery and this should keep you alert if you are going to leave it parked for a while because you may find that when you go to start the motorcycle the battery has run out. To do this, you just have to remove the negative terminal (black cable) of the battery and thus interrupt the flow of current.

From the informative portal , they recommend removing the battery and storing it at home in order to avoid temperature changes that can cause it to discharge faster.

Check the condition of the tires

Tires have a fundamental influence on our safety as they are the only point of contact we have with the road. If the motorcycle is stationary for a long time, its own weight can cause the tires to lose air, which can cause damage to the rim and deformation of the entire wheel.

It is important that you check if the tires have the pressure set by the manufacturer. If you are far-sighted and want to counteract the effects of a possible loss of air, it doesn’t hurt to swell them up a little more than recommended. “For its inflation, a bicycle pump with the valve adapter of the type for motorcycle (thick) would suffice”, points out Do not forget to repeat this process once everything has returned to normal and you can circulate.

In the event that the confinement lasts longer, you can choose to leave the tires in the air , without resting them on the ground to prevent them from deforming. You can do it with the motorcycle stand or some wheel stands.

General maintenance

It is important that you keep your motorcycle clean to avoid the formation of rust stains derived from the same dirt and so that when we go to use it it is in a better state of conservation. If you cover it with a canvas during these days, you will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating because if dust and dirt stuck then you have to use best dual action polisher for beginners . also recommends that you grease the “mobile systems , such as the secondary transmission with specific grease or the mechanical controls and moving parts such as the levers and cams or the clutch and brake cables, in the case of mounting this type of system” .

Pay attention to cleaning the contact or locks on the tank and seat, which also need regular maintenance.

Move the bike

Starting your motorcycle and moving it as little as possible will also avoid overloading the tires if you do not have stands. This will also have positive effects on the suspensions that will be able to rest from the total weight of the vehicle.

Leave the tank full

The fuller the tank is, the less the fuel will evaporate because less space is created for this phenomenon to occur and the less chance of corrosion occurring in the tank. So, if we are dealing with a vehicle that consumes fossil fuel, the most appropriate thing is to go through the service station and fill the tank