Life is hard, but there are ways that you can make your home life a little bit easier and give yourself extra leisure time. Below, you will find 11 life hacks that will save you both time and money.


  1. Cold Drinks

When the summer heat has you dying of thirst, there’s nothing that can quench that thirst like a cold drink from the freezer. To get a room temperature drink ice cold in minutes, wrap it in a wet paper towel before placing it in the freezer for 15 minutes.


  1. Bag Clips

Whether your family loves potato chips or your freezer is filled with opened bags of frozen goods, your kitchen could benefit from a plentiful stock of bag clips. You can create your own bag clips by removing the clip ends off of pants hangers and using them to hold your bags closed.


  1. Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted sandwiches are a big hit at any time of the day on any day of the year, but it can be time-consuming to butter and fry slices of bread to make several sandwiches. You can make toasted sandwiches quickly by placing two slices of bread into a single toaster slot, leaving the outside to become crispy while the inside of the slices remains soft.


  1. Pin Your Nails

In the realm of home decorating or home improvement, one of the most common issues you will face is struggling to not hurt your fingers with a hammer as you install nails. A simple way to avoid sore fingers is to use a clothespin to hold nails steady while you hammer them.


  1. Prelit Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a beautiful and magical part of the holiday season, but setting up the tree is laborious with its multiple layers of decorations. You can add a touch of color and beauty to your home with a LED Christmas tree that will take very little time to set up.


  1. Prepare Strawberries

Removing the core from a strawberry before you enjoy these delicious fruits can be difficult because of their shape. Slide a straw through the strawberry from bottom to top to remove the core in seconds.


  1. Cat Distraction

Cats love to get into your personal space when you’re using your desktop or laptop computer. Luckily, using the empty overturned cardboard lid of a tabletop game is a perfect cat distraction so that you can enjoy your computer time in peace.


  1. Money Protection

Feminine sanitary napkins can provide you with a perfect way to protect your cash. When carrying cash in your purse, wrap it inside of a sanitary napkin wrapper so that thieves will think it’s a pad instead of money.


  1. Professional Boiling

When cooking your favorite pasta or cooking mashed potatoes, every cook knows the struggle of dealing with a boiling pot of water that likes to boil over onto the stove and the burner. Lay a wooden spoon across the pot while boiling water to prevent it from boiling over and losing water.


  1. Makeshift Cup Holder

For days that you want to spend lounging on the couch watching television or playing video games, having an easily accessible beverage is vital to your happiness. Drinks placed on the floor by the couch can be spilled accidentally but placing your drink inside of a shoe creates a stable base to hold your drink and prevent spills.


  1. Cardboard Organization

Your home can become overwhelmed with cords ranging from extension cords to USB cables. You can organize these cords cheaply and easily by using empty toilet paper rolls. Fold each cord individually into a neat bundle, slide it into a toilet paper roll, and place the toilet paper roll vertically into a larger box in neat columns and rows. You can even use a permanent marker to label each toilet paper roll for easy retrieval and identification.

These simple life hacks are so clever that you’ll be able to find a use for at least one of them. So, start saving time and simplify your life by implementing these life hacks today!