You consider yourself a very creative individual and are seeking a career that fits your personality and lifestyle. You want to be able to utilize the inherent skills that you have and work at a job that ignites your passion. While a creative job is still a job, it might pay more than personal side projects. Here are a few careers that you might want to check out:



It is the creative individual who has the ability to think outside the box, to see potential where no one else can, and to put these ideas on paper. Advertising is the perfect profession for anyone who can come up with new quotes, exclusive wording, and compatible illustrations. Think of all the billboards and Superbowl commercials that have caught your eye or touched you in some way. These are the work of very creative and perceptive people who know what will strike a chord with the general public. This is an art that should continue to be developed and utilized in the exciting world of advertising. To be successful, a professional in advertising must constantly be watching his competitors and stay up-to-date on new technological and cultural advances in the industry.


Freelance Writing

Many creative adults find it difficult to fit in the usual 9-to-5 type of workday and often discover that working as a freelancer fits their needs so much more effectively. Working at their own speed, relying on their inspiration, and writing in a conducive environment is what they need to create novels, screenplays, nonfiction books, articles for the internet, and newspaper features. A freelance writer must constantly stay on top of their game by studying writing trends, taking both physical and online courses, and writing every day.


While freelance writing demands a certain amount of flexibility from those starting out, this may not always be the case. If you work hard and establish connections with the right people or publications, it’s possible to find work in your preferred writing field. It’s important to build a portfolio early on so you have past work to show as well as a reputation to back you up when applying for writing positions and opportunities you want. It may not seem ideal to spend time writing about topics you are less interested in, but practice and experience are worth taking advantage of wherever you can find them.


Film Editing

It takes vision and forward-thinking to become a film editor. Much credit is always given to writers, actors, directors, and producers when it comes to making a successful movie. When was the last time that the talent and creativity of an editor were mentioned? A quality and professional editor has more control over the final film product than any other person involved. The way the movie is put together and shown to the world is what determines its success and profitability. An effective film director needs to constantly watch new trends in film technology and take courses such as the DaVinci Resolve Program which assists editors with color grading during the editing process.


Creativity is a gift, a gift that should be used in all aspects life. It can be utilized in so many ways that will benefit your family, employers, and especially yourself in the pursuit of passion and self-fulfillment. You may not find instant success or satisfaction, but, with enough effort, your creativity can lead you to a career that utilizes your unique talents.